Almost all migrants living in Moria have already been able to move into the new camp, but no one knows how long they may have to live in temporary tents.

- Certainly it is said to be temporary, but that was also said about Moria, says SVT's European correspondent David Boati.

Greece has experienced an overwhelming influx of refugees over the past five years, but if the European Commission's new proposal goes through, the situation may change.

Among other things, it is proposed that the controversial Dublin Regulation should be abolished.

The law states that the first country an asylum seeker comes to has the main responsibility, and it has caused a great deal of frustration among the countries that are closest at hand for refugees.

- I usually say that we are Europe's hall.

We are doormen, but we can not stop everyone who wants to get into the apartment, says Lesbos migration manager to SVT Nyheter.

See the whole feature from the new tent camp on Lesbos in the video above.