Based on the case of Mounir El Haddadi, the Spanish of Moroccan origin, the Seville striker, FIFA decided to adopt new regulations for players with more than one nationality.

At its 70th conference, FIFA decided to allow any player to change his national team, provided that he has not participated in more than 3 matches, including the qualifying matches to international and continental competitions, before reaching the age of 21, and it will be prohibited for any player to change the national team. The first is if he participated in an international or continental tournament such as the World Cup or the European Cup.

In its previous regulations, FIFA did not allow any player to change his national team, in the event he represented the first team in continental qualifying matches, even for one official match.

Al-Haddadi, who holds dual Spanish and Moroccan nationalities, earlier submitted an official request to FIFA to allow him to represent the Moroccan national team instead of Spain, noting that he participated in 13 minutes in one official match in a "La Roja" shirt against Macedonia (5-1) in the qualifiers. For the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

FIFA rejected the request of the current Seville and Barcelona player at the time, before backing down and deciding to introduce amendments to the law to make matters easier for players who want to change their country's national team, but with specific conditions.

Al-Haddadi is expected to receive a summons from the Moroccan national team during the upcoming international break next month.

Al-Haddadi, 25, has previously participated with the Spain U-17 and 19-year-old teams, in 19 matches, and scored 12 goals.

Speaking about the Haddadi case, the former captain of the Moroccan national team, Noureddine Nebet - who became the director of the national teams - expressed his optimism, and continued - in a press interview -: “I spoke to Mounir after the European League final, he is a proud Moroccan, we are optimistic about the changes proposed by FIFA Which may allow him to represent Morocco one day. "