Katja Haapaniemi (center) founded the Sofa Potato Running School group.

The original goal was to run five kilometers in May.Photo: Jaani Föhr

Katja inspired the guys to run in the middle of the cancer treatments

“I already had time to think, Is this life here now, at the age of 45.

It was December, and I had just heard that I was suffering from breast cancer.

A few weeks went about at home hawking in a nightgown.

Then at the beginning of January, the doctor told me what kind of treatments could be ahead and what the prognosis for breast cancer is in Finland today.

Gradually I started thinking that joke, yes I will survive this.

The surgery was right in January, and I already had time to think I could get without cytostatics.

Well, I didn’t get in, there were six of them every three weeks.

The first treatment was in March and became quite a terrible side effect.

I lay on the bottom of the bed for a week, I couldn’t move anything but just to the toilet and eat something.

However, I thought it would take time for this, and soon I would get to the gym and dance class again.

Then Korona came and didn't go anywhere.

I have sometimes said that ever I start running and I do not ski.

I’m not any type of endurance sport, but there has to be variation.

One of the workout at home was boring because I am used to train with my friends.

But the state of emergency changed my thinking, and I wanted to move.

So I found myself communicating to a group of co-workers that what if I started a couch running school.

Would you go with me: in the style of two minutes of running and five minutes of walking, and aiming to run five miles at the end of May?

And when we reach the goal, we can consider skump saunas.

Maybe it was thanks to that skump promise, but interest was already beginning to be found.

First, one went along, and the other got excited about it.

Eventually, there were nine of us women starting goal-oriented running training for the first time.

Each day a picture or video came to the group as members acknowledged that the exercises had been completed.

It got me excited myself: after all, there were days when running didn't taste like that, but the group pressure got on the jogging path.

I calculated that by the end of August, 560 photos or videos had been sent to the group.

Some of us still went from vitonen’s goal to ten, and one is now going to run a half marathon!

There was already skumppa, too, and there they wept with joy.

I got absolutely wonderful feedback from the whole group.

No one said that without me he would never have taken a single step.

That team spirit, the joy of success, and self-victory were incomprehensible.

Now the dream is that we get to a running event with a group.

It could even be abroad if you could already travel next year.

The last radiotherapy was at the end of August.

I am lucky that I have a good support network.

Without family and friends, I would have been really lonely when I couldn’t get home from March to June other than for jogging.

I myself have also been helped by talking openly about cancer and treatments.

This week I returned to my familiar job in the trade.

It felt like I wasn't gone.

The thing went on about where we left off last, and everyone from the supervisors said it was wonderful when you got back to work.

A good mood came. ”

Katja Haapaniemi, Oulu

Korona wiped pianist Anni Collan's calendar clean. Photo: Antti Hämäläinen / IS

The 500-mile commute made life heavy

“Yes, I knew I was tired.

The 500-kilometer train journey had to be folded weekly, as the pianist's work was in Turku and Haapajärvi.

Sitting was numb, and there wasn’t really time to take care of myself.

In addition, on boring trips, something small had to be bunny constantly, so the weight was on the rise.

Then Korona came and wiped the space on the musician’s calendar in one fell swoop.

When the initial shock came to an end, I began to realize a little quietly that it had been time in the yard.

When I got to rest for a couple of months, my memory seemed to improve and my mind brightened.

I was nervous to go audition for new work because it felt that the end is no longer assimilate the new notes as fast as in the past, even though I am only 36 years old.

I was excited, I remember and I learned something new.

When I had rested, confidence in my own memory returned.

I have written about in my blog annicollan.com.

Over the years, pounds also gained weight.

I haven’t managed to lose weight before, but now that too has succeeded.

Rest is also a tough thing in weight management.

One can constantly go overboard, even if one does not realize it.

I also joined Patrik Borg’s weight management course in the spring, and it has been inspiring to have a video or other message every week that has kept the matter in mind.

My decision to eat smaller portion sizes has had the biggest impact.

I don’t avoid any foods, even though certain foods are better for myself than others.

I also make sure that every meal has something high in protein.

It has been surprisingly important. ”

Anni Collan, Turku

Marko also acquired a bike in July, and cycles 36 kilometers a day on business trips alone.

Kilos have been lost in half a year 41. Photo: Antti Hämäläinen / IS

Marko set off and lost 41 pounds in six months

“My weight started to rise six years ago when I moved from warehousing to the IT side.

The physical work largely changed to sitting, and at worst the scale looked 135 pounds.

I made the decision back in mid-February after talking to my then 12-year-old daughter.

The conversation made me realize that if I was going to see my daughter grow up, I needed to make a change.

Then, as Korona began to spread, my decision gained more strength.

Because of asthma, I am at risk, and the disease could be really severe if I got it.

Weight loss started with the decision to stop eating junk food and delicacies everyday.

Dose sizes also decreased enormously.

I measured everything I ate, recorded and accurately counted calories and other nutrient content.

Every day, morning and evening.

By May, new eating habits had already ingrained in my head, and I knew how much to eat so that it was healthy and that the stomach would still be full.

I have to eat to live.

At the same time I started to move.

At first, it was really heavy due to overweight and asthma.

The ascent of the stairs alone produced difficulties.

However, I continued because I wanted myself to be in even some sort of condition that would be better to be in and easier to live with.

I did weight training at home and started jogging.

At first, the spirit meant to go for a kilometer, but in April we went for a four-kilometer run and in May for ten.

I’ve never run, so this is a real indication that if you believe in something, you can do anything.

In July, I also got a bike, and now I cycle 36 miles just for business trips.

Anyway, workouts came in the best of three days in the spring.

At first it seemed for a really long time that nothing was happening.

The weight just didn’t start to drop, even though I was working terribly.

I am a 44-year-old, so maybe it just took a while.

It wasn’t until June that I noticed a change in appearance.

And in July, when we returned from work remotely, people didn’t recognize me!

And no wonder, because even half of the face had gone away.

By mid-August, I had lost 41 pounds.

Half-year change brings is a really fast pace, and the initial weight of the drop is 51 pounds.

I now weigh 84 pounds and this change has also affected my self-esteem.

I am brave and sociable, even loud, talking to people.

I wouldn't have done that before.

I think success became so good that it affected the whole person.

Asthma symptoms have also been relieved, snoring has stopped and sleep is even better anyway.

I've told elämänmuutoksestani also a social network and received very encouraging feedback.

Some have even said that they themselves are passionate about exercising and living a healthier life through my example.

That if I can do it, so can they!

Still others are hoping that they would not even particle on willpower, which I have gone forward.

But behind the motivation is that I could spend at least another 10 years with my loved ones. ”

Marko Lomakin, Tuusula

Monika Alikko has an exercise bike and a cross trainer at home. Photo: Antti Hämäläinen / IS

A mother of three under the age of 5 exercised while the children slept

"I've always loved chocolate.

Last Christmas, I decided to stop eating chocolate now.

I had to take zero tolerance with the chocolate, so I went on a candy strike at least until the next Christmas.

At the same time, I wanted to make my lifestyle healthier anyway.

Implementing this September for 30 years and I have three small boy's mother.

My sons are 1, 2 and 4 years old.

Coronal spread, I also figured out that it is worth I have to take good care of myself, that I care take care of my children.

I wondered how it might be if I could get a coronal.

Children should be treated anyway, and in addition, being overweight can increase the risk of a serious form of the disease.

I've added exercise to my life.

I started by walking, but now I’m already doing running runs.

The step now feels much lighter, as a total of 28 pounds of weight has been lost this year.

At home, I have an exercise bike and cross trainer that allow me to work out when the kids are asleep or sleeping in the evening.

I have noticed that when the condition is elevated and dropped the weight, I care and children with better.

At the same time, I want to show them an example of good lifestyle, exercise and self-belief.

One of the best things is finding a spark from exercise.

I have never considered myself exercising, but now I enjoy training and it feels great! ”

Monika Alikko, Hyvinkää

Antti-Jussi's silver border: The works ended, but the meaning of life returned. Photo: Antti Hämäläinen / IS

Audiobooks for gardening

“I was working at a large traffic station along the highway until the closure of the Uusimaa borders collapsed the number of customers.

Finishing the job felt bad at first.

However, I had been unhappy for a long time because the work was so binding and consuming.

There was nothing else in life.

I treated my tired feeling with loose coarses and chips.

I just lay at home, I couldn't stand anything else.

When the work then ended, I got out of the spiral.

I gradually found meaningful things to do at home.

I started by repairing the basement roof.

Then I replaced the broken exterior light and repaired and tuned the leaking mailbox to a new faith.

I took care of many such things at home that should have been done a long time ago, but there was no time or energy.

I even refurbished the old sundial, and it became pretty great.

In the gardening job, I started listening to audiobooks.

For example, I listened to Mark Twain’s adventure stories, familiar from childhood, and as an adult, completely new, socially critical levels were found in them.

I realized how wonderful life is and that it should be enjoyed.

At the same time, I gained the courage to realize myself.

I applied to study biotechnology and food technology at Hämeenlinna University of Applied Sciences.

I started up a new blog, which I've written erotic stories excitement of socio-political satire in the spirit.

I don't just practice Quotations, but this saying of the fridge magnet is apt: "When you see the good things, unnecessary worries fall from your shoulders."

Antti-Jussi Holkko, Hämeenlinna

Korona has given Petra time for long Kickbike runs. Photo: Timo Aalto

One hundred miles kicking

“If you ever ever went the whole hundred miles on a kickbike kickboard!

I entered the Kickbike hobby 16 years ago and I also won Finnish championships in the sport.

But there never seemed to be time for really long runs.

In the spring, the situation changed.

I teach entrepreneurship at SeAMK and switched to telecommuting.

More than an hour was released for commuting.

There also seemed to be more time because the works could be staggered the way they wanted.

I was able to go for a jog in the middle of the day and then continue working.

A friend who was also enthusiastic about kickboarding came along.

Training with a guy was also an important social respite.

We started training in March, and the first run was 26 miles.

Pretty long, the runs lengthened, and the following week we already covered 40 kilometers.

At the same time, the Ostrobothnian landscapes became familiar.

Soon we had visited all the nearby municipalities and found a lot of beautiful routes.

In the end, the loop of one hundred was 105 kilometers.

We went there for 7 hours and 15 minutes, but of course we had a food break in Vaasa.

The original plan was for one hundred to go to Midsummer.

The challenge took with it, and the goal was met on the last day of May. ”

Petra Sippola, Isokyrö

Leena Nurmi enjoys the newly built fitness ladder in Kokonniemi, Porvoo. Photo: Antti Hämäläinen / IS

Working hours under control and sleep rhythm fit

“By March, I was already tired anyway.

When the state of emergency caused by the corona then began, I stared at government briefings in disbelief.

In my work in the financial industry, I talked to clients and their despair was palpable.

For some, the work had gone underneath, and the future was uncertain.

My job involves a professional attitude even in difficult times, but still thoughts revolve around a lot of human destinies.

I did a long day, and even at night I worried about work matters.

At the same time, the yoga hobby that was important to me took a break, so my whole life was now condensing at home.

My husband and 17-year-old daughter were also at home, and at times it felt like we were all just staring at our own computer screen.

Fortunately, I sought help from occupational health and was able to regularly talk to a therapist about my heaviest thoughts.

I was able to dispel my worries, and the conversations also set the rhythm for spring.

The support of family and friends was also important.

Still, it felt like Korona was everywhere.

Sometimes it was scary to even go to the store, and I ordered products from the online store.

Somehow that being at home was forced to break, and I went for a run in the woods.

Then I also went to the newly built fitness stairs in Kokonniemi, Porvoo.

The fine, long stairs certainly saved many Porvoo spring!

Thoughts clarified outdoors as the brain received oxygen, and the weight also began to drop.

I am now ten pounds lighter than the winter.

I love my job, but I also realized during the spring that excessive stretching is not in anyone’s best interest.

The Aha experience came from a dear friend.

He reminded that if oxygen masks are needed on an airplane, the instruction is always to put the mask on one’s own face first and only then help others.

I realized that I have neglected their own well-being, and that if I can help even more.

I made the decision to give time to recovery, and that’s where dream really matters.

Stress had made falling asleep difficult, and at first I needed a decent course of melatonin on the doctor’s recommendation.

I went to bed even before Ten News, and gradually my sleep improved.

I noticed how much of an effect rest and recovery have on work.

I have found that a short working day can be even more effective than long.

When the limit is met, the work is no longer effective, but at worst, a quarter of an hour’s work can go on.

It’s worth remembering that a long day isn’t a hero’s clue about work efficiency.

Now, when I again got a yoga class, I have reflected an instant living.

Too often it thinks it will start a life change tomorrow, next week, autumn, after Christmas…

Why not now?

In yoga, one sits in a diamond position and praises oneself for giving oneself just that moment and attention.

Personally, I think we are every diamond in our own lives.

I have found a diamond, which is of course still hion, but it feels good. "

Leena Nurmi, Porvoo