The third Saturday of September from this year is the'Youth Day' designated to guarantee the rights of youth.

BTS attended the first ceremony today (19th) as the youth representative and commemorated the start together.

President Moon Jae-in brought up the issue of fairness, where young people are most dissatisfied.

This is reporter Kim Jung-yoon.


At the ceremony for celebrating the first'Youth Day' held at the Blue House, President Moon Jae-in said he wanted to talk openly with young people about'fairness' in our society.

[President Moon Jae-in: I hear the anger of young people that they are still unfair.

Sometimes, one process caused another injustice.] When

referring to the controversial Incheon International Airport Corporation incident in the process of converting non-regular workers into regular workers, he showed sympathy with the anger of the youth.

He said that it was an opportunity for reflection that the eyes to see the process may be different. Above all, he said, "I will do my best for the'fairness of opportunity'."

[President Moon Jae-in:'fairness' is the spirit of the candlelight revolution, and although it may not be achieved, it is the unshakable goal of our government.

Fairness should be felt in the whole of hiring, education, military service, society, and culture.] The

president mentioned the word'fairness' 37 times and promised to eradicate corruption in military service, but did not directly mention the controversy over the son of Justice Minister Choo Mi-ae. .

Bulletproof Boy Scouts, who ranked #1 on the Billboard Singles Chart, also attended the ceremony and gave a speech on behalf of the youth.

[Bangtan Boys Jin: Young Koreans have always been strong and great.

Instead, so that momentary happiness and unhappiness do not influence the whole life, we will always keep you standing up on your own, just like the 2020 BTS did.]

BTS prepared a gift to be revealed to the future youth generation 19 years later in 2039 and history Deposited in the museum.

(Video coverage: Jo Jung-young, Video editing: Lee So-young)