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A 15-year-old who entered on Wednesday with a hunting rifle, which turned out to be unloaded, in a vocational high school in Saint-Médard-en-Jalles, near Bordeaux, was indicted and placed in an educational center closed, said the prosecution on Friday.

The young man was indicted in particular for willful violence and placed in a closed center with regard to his age, with provisions to be respected (ban on carrying a weapon, obligation to attend school or training, etc.).

This minor, who arrived on a scooter, entered the Jehan-Duperier high school around 12:30 p.m., in which he did not attend school.

He had threatened students in the yard and quickly came out without using his weapon.

"Unfavorably known" to the police, he was arrested a few hundred meters from the establishment.

The young man who did not want to explain himself during his custody, had previously led a kind of rodeo at the wheel of his father's vehicle, causing a material accident.

He was found in possession of a "small amount" of cannabis.

In a video posted on social media and presented on Wednesday as that of the incident, a young man dressed in black and helmeted in white was seen holding a gun and walking briskly through the school yard on his way to a building.

His presence triggered a wave of panic among some students, others seeming to try to communicate with him.


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A teenager arrested after entering a high school in Gironde with a gun

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