[Explanation] As a supporting event of the 12th Straits Forum, the 2nd Cross-Strait Business Cooperation Forum with the theme of "Cooperation, Innovation and Sharing" was held in Fuzhou on September 18.

  [Explanation] Different from previous sessions, participants from both sides of the Taiwan Strait will participate online to build a new bridge for cross-strait exchanges and cooperation through the Internet.

  [Explanation] In the post-epidemic era, how to promote cross-strait industry complementarity and seek new opportunities for cooperation and development has become the focus of attention of the guests on both sides of the strait at the forum that day.

  [Concurrent] Weng Yingmin, Executive Vice President of Fuzhou Taiwanese Investment Enterprise Association

  I am in the food manufacturing industry. There are actually many similarities between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait in terms of food, because after all, whether snack food or healthy food is good, the tastes and flavors of the two sides are similar, similar, and each has its own strengths. So I I think there should be more exchanges on food safety.

  [Explanation] Among the crowd, the reporter met Chen Mengbang, a Taiwanese businessman who has been doing business in the mainland for many years. The Taiwan Pioneer Park in the Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Zone in Fujian is the incubator for Chen Mengbang to start his business in the mainland.

His company is mainly engaged in semiconductor integrated circuit design services.

Thanks to the series of preferential measures launched by the mainland that benefit Taiwanese compatriots and Taiwanese enterprises, his company has developed rapidly in recent years.

  [Concurrent] Chen Mengbang, Vice President of Pingtan Taiwanese Business Association

  In terms of taxation or financial support, in fact, we are all supported by all aspects. Therefore, there is no obstacle to resuming work and production. There is no problem. I think the two sides of the strait should really strengthen cooperation. In a more in-depth way, we will see how we can communicate. , Then more Taiwan compatriots will come here to enjoy the dividends of development.

  [Explanation] The 12th Straits Forum will be held in Fujian from September 19th.

For this year's Straits Forum, the guests also have more expectations.

  [Concurrent] Lin Zhiyuan from Taiwan

  The annual Straits Forum is not only an opportunity for some grassroots exchanges with the mainland, but also an opportunity for many friends who are struggling here to meet once, so everyone actually cherishes this opportunity, especially during the epidemic.

So everyone is looking forward to the holding of this Straits Forum.

It is hoped that through the Straits Forum, the two sides of the strait can have a more positive understanding after the epidemic.

  [Concurrent] Weng Yingmin, Executive Vice President of Fuzhou Taiwanese Investment Enterprise Association

  It is the non-governmental, including economic, cultural, and various aspects of exchanges. Actually, this kind of forum or this kind of work meeting should be held in various ways, so that non-governmental exchanges can bring some ideas to the top. Do more communication and exchanges.

  Reporter Wu Shengwei reports from Fuzhou, Fujian

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】