It is ten o'clock in the evening and Suvi Teräsniska has a trip from Oulu to Helsinki, Stars, Stars and several hours of newspaper coverage.

Still, the singer pulps with energy and a hearty dialect as she sits down to eat pasta carbonara for dinner at a hotel in Helsinki, which is her home the next night.

On the side of the food, Teräsniska would like a glass of milk, but you can only find lactose-free milk in the hotel bar.

- I can't drink it, Teräsniska says and is content with water.

Teräsniska, who lives in Oulu, is used to hectic suitcase life, as she has been traveling all over Finland for more than ten years.

Born in Kolari, the singer has wanted to prove that he can also create a successful career from the north and make everyday gig work.

On that side, he has also run family life.

The 31-year-old Teräsniska is not only an award-winning singer, but also a dedicated mother of three.

His family includes his wife Simo Aalto and the couple's sons, in the singer's own words “guys”, Terho, 5, Toivo, 4, and Usko, 1. Aalto works as his wife's mixer and sound technician and does gigs for other artists.

The daily life of a couple at the top of the music industry is very different from that of many other families with children.

When both mother and father tour around Finland, the children can also travel.

The boys of the Steel Neck are used to changing accommodations and sometimes living in hotels.

Today, they immediately check to see if the hotel has a playground or what the room's bathroom might look like.

- I've been developing for myself from a crisis that one wonders what those children grow up properly when they pass through the tour included.

But they have enjoyed it really well, Teräsniska says with a laugh.

“We two eldest boys have not had any super listeners to music.

They do like music, but when we're in the car, my mother has to play familiar songs from Transformers or Star Wars, Teräsniska tells her sons. Photo: Terhi Ylimäinen

When the whole family is on the road, everyone has their own routines.

Teräsniska’s Simo spouse has different schedules as a sound technician than the singer herself and she often stays in one room and Teräsniska, the children and babysitter in another.

- In order for us all to cope better, it is good that Simo is allowed to sleep longer in the morning and move according to his own schedules.

I, on the other hand, have a lovely babysitter who usually takes the guys for breakfast so that I can get some more sleep as well.

When the Steel Neck family is not on tour, their daily lives are pretty ordinary.

The family lives in a large, 380-square-meter detached house near the center of Oulu, which has been put in order by the precise and systematic Steel Neck of each cupboard, box and cupboard.

The spice jars are in alphabetical order in the kitchen in neat rows and there is a place for each small car in the children’s playroom.

- I've always been the kind of guy who likes to have the threads in his own hands, but I've learned the hard way that there are also things that I do not have to take care of themselves.

I can have an accountant and we can visit a cleaner at home, and I still don’t have to be ashamed that I can’t do everything myself.

In addition to the detached house, Teräsniska and his spouse have a storage hall of more than 200 square meters, where their company's goods and sound technology are stored.

Also in the hall everything is in order and the wiring harnesses are beautifully bundled.

Suvi Teräsniska hopes that her new album Iltuluja will help families with children struggling with sleep problems. Photo: Terhi Ylimäinen

On weekdays, the boys of Teräsniska are in the orchard and in the evenings the family spends time together.

Relatives who are closely involved in family life and are involved in caring for and raising children are also often met.

Grandparents in particular are important to Teräsniska and he has tried to teach the same to his own children.

The boys feel comfortable with Teräsniska's mother and are happy to stay with her for treatment when the parents go on a business trip without them.

- When Grandma steps in through the door, my husband and I forget that second.

We do not have children on the stairs blinking at the mother crying in the eye that do not go.

Sometimes even I wonder if that is not no one misses me when I'm gone, the singer laughs.

In the evenings, the Teräsniska family calms down to sleep well in advance and the parents read an evening tale to the older boys.

Little Faith does not yet understand the fairy tales, but falls asleep contentedly in his crib.

Terho and Toivo’s fairytale moment, on the other hand, is a daily routine you can’t afford to slip into.

- The dudes make sure that the evening fairy tale is not forgotten.

We are arguing about who is allowed to choose a storybook and for some reason it is never remembered who chose it the night before.

I am at it a little lax and hereby so that when I read the fairy tale, the two get to choose a book and I read them both.

- The point when Uskokin participates in a fairytale moment, we will definitely have to read three books.

I guess at that point the stories will mysteriously shorten and the pages will stick together, Teräsniska grins.

“A huge part of me is the artist who comes alone to a hotel room and enjoys being allowed to be careless about what the children have in the home.

When I'm on the road, I do not necessarily call home for the whole day, because I know that all is well there, Teräsniska sanoo.Kuva: Terhi Ylimäinen

Although the Steel Neck is a leper in terms of evening tales, she is otherwise a solid mother.

The sons of the family know that if the mother gets angry, it is worth obeying.

- My husband sometimes uses it as a small means of intimidation, so just wait until Mom comes home and hears about this.

The dudes stand like pewter soldiers then, he laughs.

- I try to be consistent, so that the cross is there, but I'm still gentle, but the course it spoke between returns and the sound will be increased.

In hindsight, however, it always becomes a really bad feeling.

With three lively and well-aged boys at home, it’s no wonder the nerves sometimes go away.

Still, the uncertainty of one's own parenthood and the feeling of inadequacy creep into the mind of Steel Neck.

- There is momentum and dangerous situations in our daily lives.

I am horrified between the boys arguing and batter each other.

I think then that I have failed as educators.

Then when I look in the yard of the kindergarten that the children of the others are melee in exactly the same way, with a sigh of relief.

Although the boys are lively, they calm down easily in the evenings.

According to Teräsniska, all three are great sleepers who have inherited their parents ’dream gifts.

- I sleep anywhere and so do our boys.

The youngest goes to bed at eight in the evening and may wake up at 11 the next day.

Our guys have all been like that since the baby and that might be the reason why there are as many as three of them.

Suvi Teräsniska reads a lot to her children, as she finds books enlightening.

-The child's vocabulary develops tremendously when he reads it.

I have a sort of vested interest, because I actually just suck to read and I would hope that the children will learn to read better than his mother, he sanoo.Kuva: Terhi Ylimäinen

Not all families are equally lucky and Steel Neck knows it.

This fall, he hopes to bring even a little help to those parents and children for whom sleep is a constant struggle with his new conquest.

On Friday, the singer released the album Iltalauluja, which contains lullabies, which continues the EP of the same name released in the spring.

- I see it as the biggest force or challenge in families with children is sleep or lack thereof.

I feel really lucky, because I actually got to sleep in the hope that it would help to songs from other families.

If I can get even a single ill-sleeping child calm down and rest for parents to help, I have managed, Teräsniska says.

The idea for soothing lullabies did not come from Teräsniska's own sons, as they refuse to listen to their mother's song.

Instead, fans of the singer approached him and said his voice calmed both children and pets.

In the end, the corona pandemic seemed like the right moment to release music that would bring comfort to people.

- I have received a lot of feedback that these songs really work.

Parents have said that their overworked sleep, which has never slept, has calmed down.

The new album includes both familiar classics of tuning songs such as Blue Sleep and also Steel's own favorites.

She selected for the album, among other things, the Guardian Angel song sung by her firstborn son at baptism and Now I Tell You My Child, a song she performed at the age of 10 at her own brother's baptism party.

- I hope that this can be such a therapeutic record for both families and those living alone, Teräsniska says.

In addition to the lullaby, Teräsniskka's autumn is spent in the stars of the Stars, Stars competition.

He has no very precise plans for his future, for both the Corona Age and the Deaths of his loved ones have taught him that one can never know what is happening and therefore life cannot always be predicted.

One turning point for Teräsniska was the death of his good friend Olli Lindholm in the winter of 2019.

- It taught me to look at the future differently.

After Olli’s death, I realized my own limitations and that things don’t go as planned.

Right now, I’m just thinking about life a couple of weeks ahead.

I live more in an instant, although of course some plans are bound to be in the longer term as well.

The evening song album was released on September 18th.

digital version.

In the past, the record could have been purchased from newspaper outlets as a CD.

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