China News Service, September 19. According to the Japanese "Oriental News" report, the epidemic has caused many air routes to be suspended. In order to maintain the performance of aircraft and other equipment and create revenue, Japan's All Nippon Airways and JAL recently launched "tour flight services" "-Passengers can "ride" in the air by plane as long as they pay a fee.

  According to reports, currently, ANA and Japan Airlines have significantly reduced their flight utilization rates under the influence of the new crown epidemic. Among them, 90% of international routes and 40% of domestic routes are in a state of grounding or reduction of flights.

However, due to daily maintenance requirements, large passenger aircraft must be regularly flown to avoid malfunctions.

Therefore, out of the consideration of flexible use of idle passenger aircraft, the two airlines launched the plan for the air tour flight.

Data map: An All Nippon Airways flight.

  Japan Airlines' first "excursion flight" flight will take off from Narita Airport on September 26.

The tour flight will last about 3 hours and will cruise in the air. At the same time, passengers can watch the sunset and starry sky on the passenger plane.

The plane will provide Hawaiian airline meals supervised by famous chefs.

Japan Airlines will use Boeing 767 to fly.

  The charging method is 39,000 yen for one person in business class and 48,000 yen for two people in economy class by the window. Passengers who board will receive a special boarding certificate as a souvenir.

The flight has been opened for reservation by phone on the afternoon of September 3, and the minimum number of passengers is 70.

All Nippon Airways launched the world’s largest passenger aircraft, the Airbus A380, for a one-and-a-half-hour air tour, costing 50,000 yen for first class and only 14,000 yen for economy class.

  According to the report, this activity not only makes full use of idle passenger aircraft to avoid failures caused by long-term outages, but also brings substantial profits to the airline. It is undoubtedly a plan with two birds with one stone.

At present, due to the new crown pandemic, countries have closed their doors to reduce international exchanges, which undoubtedly has a huge impact on the operation of their companies.

Airlines all over the world will more or less face the deterioration of performance and other problems.

JAL and All Nippon Airways provide a very good solution, which is worthy of reference by other overseas airlines.

Data map: Japan's All Nippon Airways Group held an induction ceremony for new employees in Tokyo, and 2,800 new employees were dressed up to participate in a uniform operation.

  The report also pointed out that for the average passenger, this is also a unique experience.

Generally speaking, during the flight, passengers rarely pay too much attention to the scenery outside the cabin, especially for those who have been on international flights for a long time, the matter of flying by plane itself is quite painful.

The anxiety of taking a long passenger plane may have scoured most people's enthusiasm for watching the stars.

And this time it gave everyone a wonderful opportunity for everyone to simply enjoy the fun of flying.

  The Japanese government is implementing the national policy of establishing a nation by tourism and vigorously developing its tourism business, attracting tourists from all over the world to travel and spend in Japan.

Of course, the impact of the new crown epidemic on this basis is also huge.

Although the Japanese government is now working hard to implement the GoTo plan to attract domestic tourists to travel across the country, compared with the grand occasion of international tourists, it is almost impossible to maintain the grand occasion before the outbreak of the mobilization of domestic tourists alone.