Scientists: Corona may become a seasonal disease in cold and dry places

There are at least four coronaviruses present, previously, which are seasonal, but it remains unclear why some are seasonal and some are not.

For respiratory viruses, which reach their peak in winter, the important factor is the ability of the actual virus to withstand environmental pressures.

Virologist at Imperial College London, Mike Skinner, explained that these factors include heat, humidity and UV rays.

Additionally, human behavior often plays a big role in why the virus peaks in the winter months.

Skinner added, "In the winter, we tend to be closer to each other than to bite, and create higher relative humidity in our homes and workplaces because we stay indoors and turn on the heat."

Therefore, it can be difficult to determine whether a virus is more influenced by social behavior or temperature.

In the case of "Covid 19", they can both have the same effect.

But in the most recent study, researchers looked at how the previous endemic respiratory viruses evolved and assumed that Corona was likely to become seasonal in countries suffering from a winter cold.

Although the tropics are suffering from the pandemic, transmission of the virus has been more aggressive in temperate regions where winter prevails.

The researchers explained in their research paper that this indicates that cold and dry conditions may enhance infection.

But early research shows that the temperature has nothing to do with how the Corona virus spreads.

One study looked at cases of the virus in 144 separate places, "different provinces, states and countries", during the month of March when the epidemic was spreading rapidly around the world.

However, many experts indicate that the virus did not behave like any of the other corona viruses, so it is impossible to determine whether it will behave like them.

Despite the growing amount of scientific research, we still don't know much about the virus and immunity.

This remains a new virus;

Despite great efforts, there are still unknown things.

But there is a belief that it is very likely, given the information available on "Covid 19", until now, it will eventually become seasonal, like other Corona viruses.

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