President Moon Jae-in said, "'fairness' is the spirit of the candlelight revolution, and our government's unwavering goal."

President Moon said, "The government is reducing the high demands of youth for'fairness' and will surely respond to it" through the 1st Youth Day commemorative address held at the Blue House Green House on the morning of the 19th. It.

President Moon said, "The government will do its best for'fairness of opportunity'," he said. First, through institutionalization of a fair economy, it will guarantee fair opportunities for youth's economic activities.

In addition, he said, “In order for the'fairness' to be newly established from the perspective of youth, fairness must be felt in the whole of recruitment and education, military service, society, and culture." He said he would work to eradicate violence.

President Moon analyzed that "the young man now has a lot more complicated and various problems than before, and in particular, the corona is making the young man's shoulders heavier."

At the same time, "We young people have lived with digital from birth in the world's best ICT environment and have the most powerful weapon to lead a new era," he said. "Corona is a'new and equal start' called'post corona era' with advanced countries. It can be an excellent opportunity to stand side by side on the'good'.

“The young Koreans have already become'scary children' that lead the world in various fields,” he said. “I hope that you will have the confidence that you can make a country that leads the world beyond the old generation.” I did.

Today's ceremony was attended by BTS, who ranked first on the Billboard single chart for two consecutive weeks, and gave a speech on behalf of the youth.

In a speech, BTS mentioned the difficult things from their debut, saying, "When I lost confidence, I said,'Let's believe in myself,' and when we got tired, we said,'Let's strengthen ourselves together'." I emphasized that it is important to do it.

Bulletproof Boy Scouts prepared a gift to be unveiled in 2039, 19 years later, and donated it to the History Museum. 

(Photo = Yonhap News)