Berlin (dpa) - FDP leader Christian Lindner confirmed the willingness of the Liberals immediately before the party congress to take on government responsibility after the federal election.

"We are ready to talk if the content is right," said Lindner of the German press agency.

His party ruled in a traffic light coalition in Rhineland-Palatinate with the SPD and the Greens, together with the CDU in North Rhine-Westphalia and in a Jamaica coalition with the CDU and the Greens in Schleswig-Holstein.

The biggest overlaps are still with a CDU, which is led by NRW Prime Minister Armin Laschet.

"On the other hand, a traffic light in the federal government is not particularly attractive from today's perspective."

SPD Chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz advertises "with higher taxes, more debts and new bureaucratic shackles," said Lindner.

"Unfortunately, Mr. Scholz's program sometimes sounds more like Lafontaine than Schmidt."

The FDP is meeting today in Berlin for a one-day party conference at which a new General Secretary is to be elected.

According to Lindner's request, the Rhineland-Palatinate Minister of Economic Affairs, Volker Wissing, is to replace the previous General Secretary Linda Teuteberg early.

Wissing is considered an outspoken economist and finance specialist.

Lindner wants to reposition his party about a year before the federal election in 2021 in terms of personnel and topics.

"With our commitment to freedom in times of the dominant state, we want to build on classic positions," said Lindner of the dpa.

«At the same time, major modernization tasks are waiting for our country.

We want to use technology and entrepreneurship to shape the challenges of digitization and climate change. "

Due to the corona pandemic, special safety precautions are being taken at the party congress that lead to deviations from the course of previous party conventions.

According to the information, no guests were invited.

Only delegates, media representatives and employees come under strict rules.

Lindner said: “Holding a party congress is already a signal that public life can resume with prudence and intelligent logistics.

We want an intelligent strategy for the country that prevents a second lockdown. "

At the party congress, the former SPD politician Harald Christ, who only joined the FDP in March, is to be elected as the new treasurer.

He succeeds Hermann Otto Solms (79).

In addition, two further by-elections in the Presidium have become necessary.

Because when Wissing becomes General Secretary, a seat on the Presidium will be vacant, for which Lydia Hüskens from Saxony-Anhalt will apply.

Frank Sitta from Saxony-Anhalt is leaving the Presidium.

Bettina Stark-Watzinger from Hessen is to succeed him.

Not all of the 662 delegates will be present.

However, you can transfer your voting rights to delegates present.

The by-elections take place as part of an extraordinary party congress, which the FDP has integrated into the process of its 71st ordinary party congress.

Program consultations are planned as part of the regular party congress.

According to the motto "Departure from the year of crises into the decade of ascent", it is assumed that the corona pandemic has triggered four crises: the health crisis, the economic crisis, the job crisis and the opportunity crisis.

Regarding the opportunity crisis, it says that the number of apprenticeships offered is going down by nine percent.

"The business models of many small businesses, self-employed people, artists and creative people have been destroyed through no fault of their own."

Those whose educational opportunities are already limited suffered particularly from the closure of daycare centers or schools.

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