China News Service, September 19, according to a report from the European Network of Italy, data from the Italian Ministry of Emergency Civil Defense report on the 18th showed that in the past 24 hours, there were 1907 new confirmed cases and 10 deaths across the country.

This is the highest number of new confirmed diagnoses in a single day after the Italian holiday in August.

At the same time, Pratohua News Agency has seen new confirmed cases for 3 consecutive days, accounting for 40% of the newly confirmed cases in the local area.

  According to reports, as of 18:00 on September 18, the cumulative number of confirmed cases in Italy has increased to 294,932, including 35,668 deaths, 42,457 existing cases, 208 severe cases, and 216,807 cured patients.

  On the 18th, the Tuscany Region Health Bureau notified 99 newly confirmed cases. The average age of the confirmed patients was 44 years old. Asymptomatic infections accounted for 64%.

There were 20 newly confirmed cases in Prato, all of whom were asymptomatic, including 4 Chinese citizens.

So far, the Pratohua News Agency has seen new confirmed cases for 3 consecutive days, and a total of 20 people have been confirmed in 3 days, accounting for 40% of the newly confirmed cases in the local area.

  Prato is the most densely populated city of Chinese in Europe. At the beginning of the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, the Italian medical community generally believed that Prato, inhabited by more than 50,000 overseas Chinese, is likely to become the hardest hit area.

It was not until the beginning of September that the Pratohua News Agency showed the first case of new coronavirus infection.

  Renzo Berti, head of the Prato Health and Epidemic Prevention Department, told reporters on the 17th that the Chinese news agency has always maintained a record of zero infections after the outbreak of the new crown virus for several months, which should be said to be a miracle.

But no one can stay out of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  Betty pointed out that the health department has notified the Chinese Consulate General in Florence about the outbreak of the Pratohua News Agency. The Chinese Consulate expressed its high concern about this and called on the Chinese News Agency to further strengthen epidemic prevention measures to effectively curb the spread of the epidemic. .

  Betty said that since the outbreak of the new crown, very few people from the Pratohua News Agency have applied for appointments for virus screening.

Since a confirmed case appeared in the Chinese News Agency on the 16th, more than 300 Chinese have taken the initiative to go to the health department to be tested for the virus in less than two days.

The Chinese consulate and the Chinese attach great importance to the epidemic, and the Chinese community takes the initiative to respond to it, which will play a positive role in the future prevention and control of the epidemic.