An Israeli military commander revealed that the assassination of the Secretary-General of the Lebanese Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, was contained "in certain circumstances."

The statements of Amir Baram, commander of the northern region of the occupation army, came in an interview with "Israel Today" newspaper, which was published on Friday evening.

And when he was asked: Should Nasrallah be the target of assassination?

Baram replied, "Yes, under certain circumstances," adding that "at the moment this is not appropriate, but things may change."

"Nasrallah always needs to know that the hideout is a good place, he needs to stay there, and he also needs to know that there is no place where a person cannot be found."

"There are armored patrols, not regular jeeps," Baram said in response to a question about the absence of Israeli soldiers in the border area, for fear that they would be a target of Hezbollah.

Baram, who is commander of the northern region that includes the borders with Lebanon and Syria, added, "There are patrols coming in and out. I don't have to act like an idiot. (Nasrallah) wants to kill an Israeli soldier, and I don't intend to allow him to."

And he considered that if Hizbullah managed to kill Israeli soldiers, it would not be the only one who would pay the price, but also the residents of southern Lebanon.