Former U.S. hockey player Tyler Amburgey died on August 29 of a coronavirus at the age of 29.

In his memoir, the New York Times recounted the life and death of a Dallas-born defender.

Amburgey, who finished his puck career in 2016, died at his home in Texas on August 29th.

According to the wife of the deceased pucker, Aimee Amburgey, Tyler Amburgey had initially had a cold, but it was normal for a man to ramp up between the heat of Texas and the coldness of the ice rinks.

In August, however, Amburgey developed new symptoms: pain, nausea, and headache.

Coronavirus infection was confirmed after death, and the wife said it was the cause of Tyler Amburgey's death.

During his career, Amburgey went through several U.S. lower professional league teams.

- He was a really strong skater and moved the puck well, a strong defender in all respects.

And he really loved being in the trough and accompanying other players, Dan Wildfong, who coached the Amburgey CHL team in Fort Worth Brahmas in 2013, told the NY Times.

The hockey grab left its mark on Amburgey.

He had to undergo a total of five hip surgeries during his career, and in recent years suffered from memory problems suspected of being linked to concussions during his career.

Amburgey’s brain was donated, at the request of the pucker, to Boston University for research use after this death.

- Hockey was everything to him.

He was like a child on Christmas Eve whenever he got a new pair of skates.

No one has been as excited about the new equipment, Tyler Amburgey’s wife Aimee Amburgey told the New York Times.