Egypt .. Referral of the "chicken surgery" doctor in Safaga for investigation


The General Veterinarian in Egypt referred Dr. Khaled Selim, a veterinarian, to the investigation committee, after claiming to have performed a delicate surgery on a chicken, and to install strips and nails for it, in his private clinic located in Safaga, in the Red Sea.

The head of the Veterinarians Syndicate stated that by researching the incident, it was found that the surgery was not performed in the aforementioned doctor's clinic, indicating that according to this, the veterinarian will be held accountable, in accordance with the regulations and laws that govern union work, and in the event that his conviction is proven, the necessary legal measures will be taken.

In special statements to "The Seventh Day TV", the Director General of Veterinary Medicine in the Red Sea, Dr. Fathy Salma, said that after the various news websites circulated the details of the hen incident, the Veterinary Medicine Directorate began searching for who had performed the operation for the hen, adding that the Veterinary Medicine Directorate in the Red Sea was surprised That the operation is correct, but it did not take place in Egypt in the first place.

Dr. Fathi Salma added that it has already been proven that the operation of the chick was falsified in Safaga, and it was found that the aforementioned veterinarian had stolen the post on social media from a Brazilian veterinarian and attributed it to himself.

Fathi added that a committee is being formed with the Safaga City Council, to verify the licenses of the aforementioned doctor's clinic, after it has been proven misleading and fraudulent.

This comes in response to what has been raised over the past two days, on websites and social media pages, about an Egyptian veterinarian performing a delicate surgery on a Red Sea chicken, after it fell from the roof of the house where its owner resides.

The veterinarian, MA, had claimed, "he performed an operation for a chicken, after a Swiss citizen in Marsa Alam asked him to perform the operation, saying that he had offered him many options for treating it, including placing an external cast or slaughtering it." But he refused and insisted on the operation. .

The veterinarian, MA, added, in previous statements, that upon performing an X-ray on the hen, he found that it had broken legs, as a result of its fall from the top, indicating that the Swiss citizen insisted on conducting the operation.

The phrase "the most famous chicken in Egypt" ... has invaded social media over the past hours, after it was reported that an urgent surgery cost seven thousand pounds to rescue a chick that fell from the rooftops of a high house in the city of "Marsa Alam" in the sea governorate. Red, and her feet were severely broken.

According to the alleged story reported in newspapers and social media, the operation for the "licky" chick, as it was called, took two hours to install two strips and six nails.

The strange thing in the story is that the doctor who claimed to have performed the surgery said, in press statements, that the owner of the hen was Swiss, who lived in Egypt, and was collapsed and asked to rescue it at any cost, expressing his willingness to take it outside Egypt for treatment.

The doctor said, during his statements, that nails and chips are the reason for the high cost of "hen" surgery due to its size, in addition to the anesthesia and drugs that were used.

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