- When she started as a lawyer in the 60s, it was a very harsh climate in the US for women.

Four percent of the lawyers there were women and they had to fight against the wind.

Then she came to Sweden in the 60s to do an in-depth study and in Sweden 25 percent of all lawyers were women.

Wear the Swedish doctor ring

Ruth Bader Ginsburg received an honorary doctorate from Lund University in 1969.

- She is now an honorary doctor in 20-25 places, lots of prestigious universities, but the only honorary doctor ring she still wore every day was the Swedish honorary doctor ring.

- In Sweden, she was something when she was treated as if she was not worth water in the US.

She was incredibly proud of this.

When I met her, she showed her doctor's ring and she talked about how much Sweden meant to her.

Called "The Notorious RBG"

Judges in the US Supreme Court have a very special relationship in people's hearts and Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a very starting personality, says Carina Bergfeldt.

She was often called "The Notorious RBG" is an allusion to the rapper "Notorious BIG".

- She is one of the most prominent judges in the highest seat in history.

She has got her own superhero persona through the RBG image of her.