17 May 2018 They protected the interests of Camorra members in prison or on trial, acquiring their restaurants in Naples and doing business and investments with the trustees of the clans.

At the conclusion of investigations coordinated by the District Anti-Mafia Directorate of the Public Prosecutor's Office of Naples, staff of the Dia Operations Center is executing a precautionary custody order issued by the investigating judge of the Naples Court against two brothers Luigi and Antonio D'Ari, both doctors , anesthetist and cosmetic surgeon, in service at two private Neapolitan clinics in the Chiaia and Vomero area.

Also arrested Domenico Mollica (brother-in-law of the former clan chief Carlo Lo Russo, now a collaborator of justice), owner of a business agency located in the management center of Naples, Adriana Lo Russo, spouse of Mollica and sister of Carlo, as well as two others subjects believed to be related to the Lo Russo clan.

The D'Ari brothers are seriously suspected of the re-use, in catering activities, of large sums of money coming from illegal activities of the Lo Russo clan, with Domenico Mollica and Mariano Torre, former member of the clan's fire group and today a collaborator of justice.  

The two doctors are also seriously suspected of aiding and abetting the owners of the restaurant business, prisoners and on trial, for having signed with the judicial administration, in the years 2013-2014, rental contracts for various restaurants seized at the time, ensuring them the de facto management and the achievement of economic profit to the same owners.

For the crime of extortion against the D'Ari brothers, forcing them to pay a monthly sum, already agreed in advance with the previous owner of one of the acquired restaurants, Mollica is seriously suspected, together with Mariano Torre and the two accomplices.        

Adriana Lo Russo was subjected to house arrest, because she was seriously suspected of aggravated stolen goods for having handed over sums deriving from illegal activities of the clan to members of the organization itself.