Trump President "TikTok" US Business Sale Negotiations Talks with Companies September 18 12:32


In negotiations to sell the US business of the world-famous video-sharing app TikTok, President Trump said he had talked with software giant Oracle and retail giant Wal-Mart, and will make a decision soon. I showed the prospect.

President Trump has ordered the sale of the US business for "TikTok", saying that the personal information of users could be misused by the Chinese government.

"I talked to Wal-Mart and Oracle. Microsoft may remain, but it hasn't changed much," Trump told reporters yesterday, saying he would make a decision soon.

Regarding the US business of "TikTok", Oracle has already drafted an agreement with Chinese company ByteDance and submitted it to the Ministry of Finance.

In addition, the American media has set up a new company to operate "TikTok", and several American companies are reporting that they will hold a majority stake.

President Trump is reluctant to leave China's ByteDance influential, saying that eliminating security threats is a top priority, and it will be watched what decision it will make.