After the first hunting period, the police suspected that unauthorized bait had been used when finely cut pieces of meat had been found in the stomach during the inspection of the bears.

Jonas Gustafsson at the Nature Conservation Unit at the County Administrative Board was an inspector during the bear hunt, but he says that they have not discovered any more irregularities since then or during the hunt itself.

- It has been calm this year, we are satisfied with how the hunt has gone and there have been happy faces from the hunters at our inspections, I have not heard from anyone else that there would have been any problems either, says Jonas Gustafsson.

Satisfied hunters for shared hunting

The bear hunt was canceled last Wednesday when the last allowed bear was shot in Malå.

It was the second hunting season for bears in Västerbotten.

The division of the hunt was done to give more people the opportunity to hunt bears and many of the animals have also been killed during the regular moose hunt.

- Many are happy that it is shared hunting, I do not have the exact numbers but at least half of the bears were killed by moose hunting teams, says Jonas Gustafsson.