During Friday evening, the police received several telephone calls about loud bangs in the Bellevuegården district in Malmö.

The police are on site with several units and have cordoned off an area on Delsjögatan.

- We do not want to go into details but there are traces of shootings so we believe that there has been a shooting, says police spokesman Rickard Lundqvist.

No injured person has been found, nor has anyone been arrested.

Among other things, the police use dog patrols in their work.

Both forensic scientists and a special dog used to search for weapons have been called to the scene.

According to SVT Nyheter Skåne's correspondent Mikael Nilsson, the police have detained several people who are now being checked.

During the evening, the police also made a report of a robbery that occurred at Bellevuegården.

Three people have been arrested and suspected of involvement in a robbery where a boy has been threatened with a knife.

According to the report, the crime must have occurred at 6 p.m.

The boy is physically unharmed.