• Segregated and raped for days by her ex.

    Arrested 30 years old

  • Raped bartender: alleged perpetrator taken in Milan.

    Salvini: chemical castration is needed

  • Woman raped near Pescara station, arrested


September 18, 2020 He forced his wife to experience sexual violence, and was later arrested and sentenced.

But the Milan judges have established a reduction of the sentence on appeal due to the exasperation of the subject due to the continuous betrayals of her, suffered passively for a long time, as reported today by the Corriere della Sera. 

The aggression and violence took place on 8 June 2019 in Vimercate (Monza), in a caravan.

The woman was segregated for hours by her tormentor who beat her until she was exhausted and covered with bruises, raping her until dawn.

A terrible nightmare, which even struggled to tell the Carabinieri that they saved her, barely managing to speak due to a fracture in the palate.

To alert the police, the daughter of the woman with whom he was on a video call from Bari. The young woman immediately started the request for intervention when the call was abruptly interrupted.

And a few moments earlier she had heard her mother scream and the voice of a man shouting at her that he wanted to kill her. 

For these crimes the man, a 63-year-old Romanian (like his wife, his compatriot, 45) had been sentenced in court in Monza in an abbreviated rite of 5 years.

That now in Milan the Court of Appeal lowers it to 4 years and 4 months with a verdict in which, more than the filing of the sentence itself, the motivation stands out: namely the idea that, in a "degraded family context" and " characterized by anomalies such as the woman's relations with other men ", the intensity of the willful misconduct of those three crimes is attenuated by the fact that the" meek "man was" exasperated by the woman's too casual conduct ", conduct" which he had passively suffered up to that moment ".