In his Instagram, Mailis Penttilä takes a stand on advertising online casinos on social media.

Penttilä, who has become public about the Whole Finland Baking program and the Miss Helsinki competition, is critical of communities made by celebrities, where advertisements reach the general public.

- It is really sad to see that so many public figures advertise online casinos and gambling, Penttilä says bluntly in the Stories section of Instagram.

According to Penttilä, several gaming companies have also offered him cooperation.

However, he has kept a sharp line and has always answered in the negative.

- The sums they offer are very large.

That is why some will probably join them.

I refused all, and I certainly will never self-promote their online casinos or gambling, Penttilä says.

- I made a decision that I also stopped to follow people who they advertise.

I don’t have an addiction or a problem, but I don’t want to watch content that advertises and encourages people to put their money online and play, he explains.

In his Instagram stories, Penttilä also dealt with gambling addiction and its treatment.

Mailis Penttilä became known for the Whole Finland Baking program. Photo: Antti Hämäläinen / IS

Penttilä has spoken openly about his daily life in Some.

He recently talked in his Instagram account about how he decided to reapply to therapy to address themes related to appearance and sometime.

She also spoke openly about her beauty surgeries.

- Behind this smile lies a lot of crying that has been cried because of malicious comments.

Someperson also has emotions and malicious comments hurt, sometime wrote.

- We all have the right to live our own lives in exactly the style and look we want.

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Mailis Penttilä became known for the Whole Finland Baking series in 2013. She also competed for the 2016 Miss Helsinki title.

At that time, Jessica Ruokola won the race.

Since then, Penttilä has become a popular someperson, followed by more than 35,000 people on Instagram.

Today, Penttilä spends the daily life of a housewife with her millionaire spouse Pekka Koskinen, who works in the IT field.

Mailis Penttilä with his wife Pekka Koskinen. Photo: Viena Kytöjoki

Foreign online casinos cannot be regulated

The downsides of gambling have been prominently displayed in public.

Lasse Pöyry, an economist at the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority's impact assessment unit, told IS that the problem with the current gambling system is that the current monopoly does not prevent foreign online casinos from entering the country, but prevents their supervision and regulation.

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The Corona era has increased online gambling problems, especially for young people.

Applications for debt problems for people with gambling under the age of 30 to the Debt Relief Fund's debt restructuring almost doubled in January-July this year from a year ago.

The young men in debt at the online casino have been, among other things, the growing customer group of Support Service Peluuri for gambling people for several years, says Inka Silvennoinen, Peluuri's manager.

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