Follow the press conference of Prime Minister Rutte and Minister De Jonge (Public Health) here from 7 p.m.

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Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Minister of Health Hugo de Jonge are there, the press conference is about to begin.

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Press conference Rutte and De Jonge at 7 p.m.

In fifteen minutes the press conference of Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Minister of Health Hugo de Jonge will start on the latest state of affairs.

New measures may also be announced by the cabinet.

The press conference can be followed on via this live blog and the livestream.

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'Thirty students at secondary school in Amsterdam tested positive'

At the Spinoza Lyceum in Amsterdam, at least thirty students have been tested positive for the corona virus since the start of the school year,




Five employees were also tested positive, the school board would write in a letter to parents and students. 

According to the school board, most children would have been infected outside of school, reports 



But several parents have also admitted that they still sent their children to school with minor complaints, writes the rector Jan Paul Beekman, who urges the parents not to do this in the letter.

Because the school adheres to the corona protocol according to the GGD, the school does not have to be closed.

This may be an option if infections continue to rise.

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North and South Hollanders not welcome in Belgium and Germany: what about that?

Traveling to Belgium and Germany is more difficult if you live in North or South Holland.

Both countries have tightened the travel rules because the number of positive tests in the two Dutch provinces is increasing rapidly.

Touristic Belgians and Germans will also no longer come for a holiday. clarifies the confusing travel rules by answering

seven questions


(Photo: Reuters)

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Foreign Affairs tightens travel advice for Denmark

As of


the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will


travel advice for Denmark from 'yellow' to 'orange'.

Earlier, the country in turn decided to adjust all travel advice for the Netherlands.

As of Saturday, travelers from the Netherlands must have a valid reason to enter upon arrival in Denmark, such as a business trip or family visit.

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What can we expect from Friday night's corona press conference?

"It is time to turn the tide. We have to reverse the trend", Prime Minister Mark Rutte was clear on Thursday about the growing number of positive tests.

How to turn the tide, Rutte and Minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Health) set out on Friday evening during a new press conference about the corona crisis.

While the last press conferences mainly warned, the cabinet will most likely announce regional measures on Friday evening.

Read here (


) which measures are involved.

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Foreman Amsterdam hospitality industry fears chaos due to early closure

The Amsterdam branch of Koninklijke Horeca Nederland (KHN) expects that the adjusted closing times that will probably be



 will lead to chaos in the capital.

"We see that the police and boabond are distancing themselves from this", says chairman Pim Evers in conversation with

Het Parool


"They cannot maintain this. This creates a mess on the street."

Evers expects after parties in places where there is no insight into compliance with the corona measures.

"Everyone is going to oppose the policy with the risk of riots. We have already seen that in The Hague and Utrecht."

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Record number of positive tests again: almost two thousand within one day

For the fourth day in a row, a record increase in the number of positive tests has been observed, according to figures from the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM).

Where Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were 1,379, 1,542 and 1,753 cases respectively, this Friday it concerns 1,974 positive corona tests.

A further 12 hospital admissions and seven deaths have been reported today.

In total, the Netherlands has more than six thousand deaths, while the number of infections is now approaching 100,000.

Although more and more Dutch people are being tested, according to RIVM, the rising trend is not only related to the extensive testing capacity.

Aura Timen of the RIVM said earlier in conversation with this site that some Dutch people with complaints still go outside and do not get tested.

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Grapperhaus still fined for violation of corona rules at wedding

Minister Ferd Grapperhaus (Justice and Security) still gets a fine for violating the 1.5 meter rule at his wedding.

The Public Prosecution Service (OM) reports that the decision was taken by the Board of Procurators General.

Grapperhaus was informed on Thursday and has announced that it will pay the fine.






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'Stricter measures for six regions will take effect on Sunday evening'

The stricter measures for the regions of Amsterdam-Amstelland, Rotterdam-Rijnmond, Haaglanden (The Hague), Utrecht, Kennemerland (Haarlem) and Hollands Midden (Leiden) will start on Sunday evening at 6 p.m. the



RTL News

based on sources.

Cafés are expected to turn off the music at midnight and close their doors at 1:00 am at the latest.

In addition, a maximum of fifty people may congregate in larger halls, while a maximum of 100 people currently applies.

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tacitly updated

mouth masks advice for elderly care staff

The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) has tacitly amended a mouth masks advice in elderly care, RIVM confirms after news from 



Initially, employees did not have to wear mouth masks if they had short contact with a patient.

But at the beginning of May, the RIVM wrote that wearing a mouth mask is still necessary in such a case.






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Prince Constantijn is in quarantine because he had contact with an infected person a week ago.

In self-isolation because of 'close contact' with tested positive person.

Feel like a pariah who is afraid to pass on something that I probably don't have at all.

Also separate to walk around unconsciously for days.

Wondering if I kept enough distance, washed my hands .. Think so.


Avatar Author Constantijn van Oranje Moment of places 11: 14 - 18 September 2020

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Nice tightens up corona measures after increasing number of positive tests

The French city of Nice is tightening up a number of corona measures.

For example, no more than ten people may congregate in the public space.

The maximum number of visitors to major events has been reduced from five thousand to one thousand.

In addition, cafes must be closed between 12:30 and 06:00 and shops are no longer allowed to sell alcohol after 20:00.

The measures are being tightened due to an increase in the number of new infections in the city.

Marseille and Bordeaux did the same before. The local authorities hope to prevent more and more people from becoming infected.

France registered a daily record with 10,593 new positive tests yesterday.

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Despite the revival of coronavirus, WHO does not expect large-scale lockdowns in Europe

The current outbreaks of COVID-19 in European countries can be combated with regional lockdowns, says director Hans Kluge of the European branch of the WHO health organization.

He does not expect countries to be locked again.

He also warns against too much optimism now that vaccines are getting closer.

"The day there is a vaccine is not the day the pandemic is over."

Kluge suspects that a second wave will first appear, now that the number of new infections has doubled in a number of countries and the weekly number of infections in Europe is higher than in March and April.

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UK Health Minister does not

rule out

new lockdown next month

UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock has said in conversation with 

Sky News 

that the UK government will "do everything it can to protect the British population against the coronavirus". 

In the country, corona numbers are increasing rapidly.

The number of hospital admissions is now doubling every eight days.

Experts therefore expect a new lockdown within one month.

Earlier, Leicester and Manchester went into lockdown again.

Hancock calls such a step "a last resort", but does not rule out the need to introduce such a measure.

"It's one of the things we'll discuss."

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Priority system for care and education 

personnel from Monday. Part of the education and care personnel can have themselves tested for the corona virus with priority from Monday, reports the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS).

The plan is to test these people in the morning as much as possible, so that they get their results that same day.

A special telephone number will also be announced on Monday, so that employees can make a test appointment this way.





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Thailand reports first corona-related death in more than 100 days.

For the first time in more than 100 days, a corona patient in Thailand has died.

It concerns a Thai official (54) who returned from Saudi Arabia earlier this month.

He was admitted to a hospital in Bangkok two weeks ago and died on Friday.

Thailand now has 59 corona-related deaths.


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Employees are working more hours since the corona crisis, but are just as often overworked

Employees started working more hours during the corona crisis.

This applies to both people who work from home and staff who work on location.

They are not more often overwhelmed by this, TNO concluded on the basis of a survey among more than ten thousand people published on Friday.

The share of 

burnout complaints

remains "undiminished high" at 17 percent, according to TNO.

Work-life balance has not changed.

"The results seem to indicate good resilience in employees," the research institute concludes.

More than a third of the people who work from home and a quarter of the employees who work outside the home work more hours than they did before the corona crisis.

However, the overall percentage of employees working overtime has fallen.

The share decreased from 75 percent to 61 percent.

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Regional health system in Madrid under pressure due to revival of coronavirus

The Spanish capital Madrid is not getting a grip on the (new) outbreak of COVID-19.

More than eleven thousand positive tests were reported yesterday across Spain, the majority of which was found in Madrid.

Hospitals are sounding the alarm.

In total, the capital has a third of the total of 122,000 reported infections in the past two weeks.

One in five beds in Madrid hospitals is now taken by a corona patient.

In the suburbs, several hospitals are full and regular treatments are under pressure.

In addition, ic's would also be full.

In a letter to the Madrid government, hospital officials write that sites are flooding at an "alarming rate".

Treatments for patients with other medical conditions are likely to be delayed.

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'Groups of elderly people do not dare to play sports yet, despite measures taken by sports clubs'

Although sports clubs have reopened, many elderly people stay at home.

The measures taken by the clubs are not considered sufficient to protect them against the corona virus, the



 on the basis of an alert from the sports umbrella NOC * NSF.

One in five elderly people currently prefers to stay at home and not go to a bridge, jeu de boules, bowling, billiards or chess club.

Because competitions have started up again, this leads to problems for clubs that cannot compete with complete teams.

Many sports clubs did not run into financial problems, because members continued to pay their dues.




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Mink farm cleared again, 54 mink farms in total affected

A mink farm in Meijel in Limburg with 6,500 mother animals is evacuated after several corona infections have been found.

The company was tested every week due to a monitoring system.

As a result, the outbreak was detected relatively quickly.

The corona virus has now been found at a total of 54 Dutch mink companies.

At the end of August, the cabinet decided to ban mink farms from March 2021 instead of 2024. This should prevent further outbreaks.

Mink farmers are bought out and the animals are not culled preventively.

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Indian Prime Minister asks the people for help on his birthday

India has just reported nearly 100,000 new positive tests.

The number corresponds to the numbers from earlier this week.

The total number of confirmed infections has rapidly increased to more than 5.2 million.

The number of corona patients who died increased by 1,174 to 84,372.

Experts suspect that the actual figures in India - and in particular the number of deaths - are many times higher.

Problems with test capacity and counts would make the numbers far from complete.

Only the US currently has more positive tests (6.6 million) and corona patients who have died (almost 200,000).

Experts expect India to have more infections within a few weeks.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi seized his birthday yesterday to ask his population to better comply with the corona measures.

Modi wants residents to wear face masks and engage in social distancing more often.

In the metropolis of Mumbai, the ban on gatherings with more than four people has been extended until the end of September.


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The Czech Republic reports a relatively sharp increase in the number of positive tests The

Czech Republic has just reported a record

increase in the number of positive tests

for the second consecutive day.

While yesterday it was just over 2,000 infections, it now concerns more than 3,000 cases.

Earlier in September, the country registered more than a thousand positive tests within 24 hours for the first time.

The Czech Republic has a total of 44,155 cases.

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Rutte and De Jonge will give a press conference 

tonight. Tonight Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Corona Minister Hugo de Jonge will give an extra press conference about the increased number of positive corona tests.

Regional measures are expected to be announced for six different cities.

Sources in The Hague, for example, report to various media that catering businesses in the regions of Amsterdam-Amstelland, Rotterdam-Rijnmond, Haaglanden (The Hague), Utrecht, Kennemerland (Haarlem) and Hollands Midden (Leiden) must close their doors at 1:00 a.m. and that a maximum of fifty in place of a hundred people in a banquet hall.

The press conference can be followed from 7 p.m. on

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Police ends party in Leiden

The police put an end to an illegal student

party in Leiden

last night,

Leidsch Dagblad



Dozens of young people had come to the party.

Local residents alerted the police because of noise pollution, among other things.

The police found that several corona measures were not observed at the party.

The ending of the party did not lead to incidents, but the students did leave a mess.

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1,916 new positive tests in Germany

The number of positively tested people in Germany increased by 1,916 on Friday to 267,773.

That is less than Thursday, when almost 2,200 new cases were reported.

Still, the number of positive tests per day appears to be on the rise.

Virologists in the country also see this, who speak of "not just any random fluctuation". 

Another seven corona patients in Germany have died, bringing the total number of deaths to 9,378.

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Foreign update:


New Zealand

does not report new domestic infections for the fourth day in a row.

Seven people were cured of the virus, reducing the total number of active infections in the country to 70.

-Some areas in


limit the maximum size of groups in order to prevent further spread of the virus.

In Toronto, Peel (Ontario) and areas of Ottawa, no longer fifty but ten people are allowed to congregate.



is expected to announce further relaxation of the corona measures on Friday.

For example, more Australians are allowed to cross the border to return home.

At the moment, four thousand Australians are allowed to travel to the country a week: that maximum will probably increase by two thousand in the near future.

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Thirty million positive tests

worldwide The number of worldwide confirmed infections with the corona virus has passed thirty million: around 1:00 a.m. 30,003,378 positive tests have been taken since the start of the corona crisis.

This is shown by the most recent figures from Johns Hopkins University.

The United States (over 6.6 million) and India (5.1 million) have been hit the hardest.

In the Netherlands, 92,200 positive corona tests have been administered so far.

The total number of cases is probably higher: not all infected people are tested for the virus.

yesterday at 11:38 PM

The most important corona news of Thursday, September 17


  • The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) reports that

    1,753 new positive tests

    have been reported

    in the last 24 hours 


    That is the largest number since the virus has surfaced in the Netherlands.

  • As the number of positive tests is heading in the wrong direction,

    new measures

     for an expected six regions will be announced

    on Friday evening 


    These are Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, Leiden and Haarlem.

    The presidents of the associated security regions discussed this with the ministry on Thursday evening.

  • It is expected that cafés in these cities will have to close at 1:00 am and a maximum of fifty instead of a hundred people will be allowed to visit a catering establishment.

    The details will be announced on Friday. 

    Koninklijke Horeca Nederland (KHN)

    has already announced that this is a bad plan.

  • The


    in the Netherlands are also classified in the levels 'vigilant', 'worrying' and 'serious'.

    For example, the government hopes that it is clear to everyone that measures may differ regionally.

  • The

    Dutch test system

     is not yet ready for a possible second wave, the Health and Youth Care Inspectorate (IGJ) concludes on the basis of research.

  • VMBO schools

    want the practical exams to be canceled this school year.

    Due to the corona virus, schools have fallen behind that can no longer be made up, says Jan van Nierop of the VMBO Foundation (SPV) in the

    AD on



  • The 


     , like other sectors that have to rely on visitors, are in the corner where the blows fall.

    Erik Zevenbergen, chairman of the Dutch Association of Zoos (NVD), says that none of the members can escape reorganization.


  • In


    , 10,593 positive tests have been taken in the past 24 hours, another day record.

    The number has increased, among other things, because more testing is taking place.

    Since that procedure was made free, there have been long lines in front of the test streets.

  • The


    Ministry of Foreign Affairs has advised residents of the country not to travel to the Netherlands if this is not really necessary.

  • Australian

    authorities report the smallest number of positive tests in nearly three months.

    The country therefore believes it is time to implement easing.

    For example, the lockdown in the metropolis Melbourne can be lifted within ten days, provided that the virus does not revive.

  • Another record number of positive tests has been carried out




    On Thursday, the country registered 97,894 positively tested residents, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to over 5.1 million. 

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