Georgian police have arrested Merb Beselia, vice president of the country's rugby association, Reuters reports.

Besselia is suspected of shooting rugby player Ramaz Kharazishvili.

Kharazishvil was shot in the leg on Wednesday at the Georgian Rugby Union office in Tbilisi.

Kharazishvili, 32, was amputated and his life is not threatened, according to doctors.

The player is the former captain of the Georgian rugby-7 national team.

According to local Georgian media, the shooting was preceded by a dispute between Kharazishvilim and Beselia.

Georgian police launched an investigation into the damage to health and the illicit acquisition and possession of firearms.

If Bessel is found guilty, he could face a three-year prison sentence.

According to AFP, the Georgian Rugby Federation has been in turmoil since August, when President Giorgi Gorgaslidze resigned.

The Georgian national team should start the fall of the Nations Cup in two months.

In the world ranking, the team is 12th.