Today, Friday, a Palestinian doctor was killed by stun grenades fired by the Israeli occupation force in the northern occupied West Bank. The occupation army also arrested 3 Palestinians "while trying to infiltrate through the fence" in the northern Gaza Strip.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health said in a statement that an Israeli force fired stun grenades at the doctor, Nidal Jabareen, 54, near the town of Barta'a, west of Jenin, which led to his suffering a heart attack, and subsequently died.

The ministry statement indicated that the doctor had arrived as a martyr at Jenin Governmental Hospital.

Eyewitnesses said that Doctor Jabareen was hit by stun grenades as he passed through an Israeli military checkpoint.

Palestinian sources also announced that dozens of Palestinians were injured with rubber bullets and suffocated during confrontations with the Israeli army in separate areas of the West Bank.

On the other hand, the occupation army said that it arrested 3 Palestinians "while trying to infiltrate through the fence in the northern Gaza Strip towards Israeli territory," explaining that they were not armed, and they were transferred for investigation.

In recent months, the Israeli army has arrested dozens of Palestinians who it said tried to sneak through the separation fence.