China Overseas Chinese Network, September 18, according to New Zealand, citing local media Stuff, that under the new crown pneumonia epidemic, everyone's life has been more or less affected.

New Zealand Chinese restaurant owner Koko Tao and his wife chose to respond with a positive attitude in the face of the epidemic.

Koko Tao recently told the media her story of fighting the epidemic.

The article is excerpted as follows: 

  Koko Tao misses Chinese late-night snacks and varied Chinese food, but she also likes the kindness of New Zealanders and the country's attention to family.

  Tao said, "In New Zealand, we have more family lives and a completely new world. We really like it here, it's great."

  My husband King came here from Shanghai first, and then I followed.

We got married here.

It came out because I didn't want to stay in one place, but wanted to look around.

  King opened a restaurant ten years ago and we left after the Christchurch earthquake.

I have been in Riccarton for almost a year now.

Riccarton is a good place to open a Chinese restaurant because of the Chinese community.

  I used to do interior design in China.

I quit my job to help with the restaurant.

My husband is a senior chef with 20 years of experience. I hope to support him and make his dream come true.

He likes cooking very much, even if he rests at home, he never rests.

This is not only his job, but also his hobby.

  We have a strong local customer base, especially among the Chinese.

But after the epidemic, business still plummeted.

  We did some advertisements, and gradually improved; but then it declined again. Fortunately, everyone didn't panic and everyone was very positive.

  Many people know that our business is not good and come to help.

We are very moved and can really feel the support of the community.

  We used to have 10 employees, but after the epidemic, it was reduced to 5.

Our chef is from Shanghai, but we also have local staff.

In the restaurant business, competition is fierce.

  Some people like to try different dishes on the menu, but some people like to eat what they are used to.

Many people order our specialties-braised pork feet, stone pot chicken, etc.

  Everyone hopes to feel the warm and welcoming atmosphere in the restaurant, and they all look forward to eating delicious food and enjoying a comfortable environment.

These all need to be.

The Chinese tradition is that everyone can share every dish.

  We will go back to China at least once a year to find inspiration for new dishes.

Every time we go back, we bring the children, and they also like China very much.

  We live in Wigram, which is a very good street and everyone is very responsible.

I like Christchurch very much and everyone is very friendly.

Friends of friends will become their own friends.

  Doing business in New Zealand is relatively easy, with clear regulations, and the city council will also issue a booklet on hygiene management.

If you ask people anything, everyone will be willing to help.

  My parents also settled here a few years ago.

I want to be closer to my family.

I am an only child, and many Chinese parents like to live with their children.

  They don't speak English, so they live with me. Now they plan to buy a house nearby.

To bring children and do business, it is really convenient to have parents around.

  We have two children, one is six and one is three.

They like pizza, fried chicken and burgers, but we still eat more Chinese food.

Mainly because the parents have a Chinese stomach.

  There are many Chinese things that I miss, many delicious ones, and supper.

You can go anytime, and the mall will be open until midnight.

And there are many job opportunities.

  In Shanghai, millions of people may take rail transit to work in the morning.

The population of Shanghai alone is five times the total population of New Zealand.

So new ideas are emerging in endlessly, changing with each passing day.

  But here, the more important thing is family life, which is completely different.

I like both places.

The environment here is better for children, they can do whatever they want, and they can have more art and creativity related experiences.

  I usually stay in the store in the morning and look after the lobby.

Then I will pick up the children and let them participate in some after-school activities.

Go home to cook, bathe them, and let them sleep.

My husband will stay in the store until late, and occasionally we will give ourselves two days off.

  In life, I hope that children can exercise their abilities and find what they want to do, so that if they face difficulties, they will not give up at will.

  The school here is very international and there are many families from different countries.

Everyone is very kind.

Children know that there are many, many places in this world.

  I think I am a very positive person.

As a person, you always need to propose new solutions to problems. Of course, there are many problems in life.

But this is life, there is nothing to complain about.

  If you maintain a positive attitude, you can handle many things well.