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    Sassoli: "In this important phase, stability of governments and majorities"


18 September 2020 "It is in the interest of all governments to find a human and effective European approach to migration, I think that every Member State can sign it".

Thus the president of the EU commission Ursula von der Leyen in an interview with la Repubblica on the proposed reform of migrant flows.

"We will present a proposal that will be more complete, more European and will contain new rules on asylum, integration, repatriation and border management - he observes - the principle behind the reform is the rebalancing between solidarity and responsibility, the sharing of burdens on the whole chain. migration. We will give a complete response to the flows ".

It also asks governments to speed up sanctions through a European "Magnitski act".   

Recovery fund, "combination of investments and reforms"

On the Recovery Plan: "Governments will have to respect the priorities linked to the climate and digital transition and will also have to look at the recommendations of the European Semester which for some Member States are also linked to taxes and labor costs. This combination of investments and reforms guarantees to modernize the economy ".

The Navalny case and relations with Russia

Should Europe change its strategy towards


after the Navalny poisoning, in particular on Nord Stream 2?

"For a long time the approach on this issue was purely economic. I think it is also political. Russia's behavior has not changed for the better, but for the worse. So the hope that through the pipeline and trade relations with Moscow could improving has vanished. Relations with Russia do not change thanks to a gas pipeline, we must acknowledge that. We must include this consideration in our overall approach to relations with Russia. "

"Europe is strong when it is united and in foreign policy it is crucial to have a clear reaction in times of crisis - he notes - for this reason we will propose to give the commission more flexibility in carrying out sanctions in cases of human rights violations. I would appreciate a lot if the member states agreed to decide on crucial foreign policy issues by qualified majority. It would greatly increase our credibility ".