Bolivian interim president Jeanine Áñez has withdrawn as a candidate for the country's elections, due on October 18.

In the polls, the party of the presidential candidate was well behind the socialist party of former president Evo Morales.

By withdrawing, Áñez hopes to strengthen the position of the other candidates who will take on MAS, the party of the outgoing president.

"I am withdrawing as a candidate for the presidency in Bolivia for the sake of democracy," said Áñez.

She went on to say there was a risk that votes would be split among multiple candidates, bringing Morales's former party back to power.

The MAS, now run by Luis Arce, is first in the polls, Áñez is fourth.

Fuss after Áñez declared himself interim president

There is controversy about Áñez's leadership because the former senator declared himself interim president after the resignation of Morales.

The then opposition member did this while not enough senators were present to vote on a new interim president.

Morales stepped down in November 2019 after weeks of protests.

The Bolivians took to the streets because Morales allegedly adjusted the results of the Bolivian presidential election in order to prevent a second round of voting.

Morales fled to Argentina, where he was offered asylum.