Dozens of people have gathered in Sol to protest against the new restrictions announced by Ayuso to stop the coronavirus pandemic.

Summoned by the head of Economic Policies of the United Left, Sánchez Mato, they complain about the Community's decision to close the region "due to health areas."

With the slogan "Ayuso confínate tú", Sánchez Mato has lamented in a tweet that, according to his criteria,

"they blame us for not assuming that Ayuso and Aguado have done nothing

to strengthen public services in Madrid."

In addition, he has criticized that the president did not say

"not a single measure that improves transport or health in these months."

For his part, Errejón, the leader of Más País, has written a message on social networks assuring that the measure is "class segregation. Ineffective and unfair" and that "it cannot be tolerated" and has used the slogan that calls for protest .

In addition, the person in charge of Economic Policies of IU has indicated that he had spoken of the bookmakers.

For this reason, he encouraged people to go to Puerta del Sol at 8:00 p.m., in front of the Community headquarters and asked the attendees that

"they must come with a mask and respect the safety distance."


The mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida has called it "irresponsible" to encourage the demonstration called against Isabel Díaz Ayuso in Puerta del Sol and has asked residents who disagree with the restrictions not to attend

so that they do not occur. new infections


He has told the citizens of these 37 areas that Madrid will take measures so that they are not

"singled out or stigmatized"

but he has warned them against the "siren songs" of those who seek to obtain political gain.

The Madrid councilor has appeared this Friday at a press conference together with the Deputy Mayor Begoña Villacís and the municipal spokesperson Inmaculada Sanz after an extraordinary Governing Board after the limitation to mobility.

The councilor has charged against the leader of Más País, Íñigo Errejón,

whom he has accused of making a "southern flag"

to achieve political gain and has assured that those who encourage the concentration "all they are doing is allowing new contagions in the Puerta del Sol ", said the councilor.

Almeida understands that there may be discrepancies, but not that a slogan "Ayuso confínate tú" is used politically, which could "worsen the situation."

About Errejón, he said that his interest in Madrid "lasted six months"

: If you do not live in the south and earn one hundred thousand euros, perhaps you are not the most suitable person to make the flag of all those who live in the south. " added.

The city of Madrid has supported and will implement the restrictions set by the Community of Madrid as of Monday.

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