In Germany, a case is being investigated in which a woman did not get to the hospital due to a cyber attack but was transferred to another hospital further away and died, The Verge and ZDnet reported.

The investigation is investigating whether the woman died as a result of the cyber attack.

This would reportedly be the first death from a blackmail malware.

The patient was to be taken to Düsseldorf University Hospital last week.

However, the hospital was the target of a cyber attack as the blackmail program had hit its intranet and 30 servers.

According to RTL, the cyber attack forced the closure of the university hospital's emergency room and the ambulance to Wuppertal Hospital, about 30 kilometers from Düsseldorf.

The patient died.

It is possible that the target of the attack was not the hospital but the university to which the ransom demand was addressed.

The group that committed the cyber attack withdrew its ransom demand and stopped the attack after police appealed to them.

The hospital has received the encryption key required for decryption and has begun to restore its systems.

If the woman's death is found to be due to cyber-crime, police have announced they will launch a murder investigation into the case.