• Separation. The environment of Paloma Cuevas and Enrique Ponce: "She used to make a pilgrimage to Lourdes and he preferred to sing with friends in Ramses"

Enrique Ponce (48) has been in the eye of the hurricane since his media separation from Paloma Cuevas and his relationship with Ana Soria (22).

The courtship of the bullfighter and the young woman from Almeria has been on everyone's lips, including other celebrities who have

positioned themselves

on one


or the


or have commented on the couple's media exposure.

The last of them has been

Bertín Osborne

, who in his program on Canal Sur,

El show de Bertín

, has spoken about the media circus that has been set up around them and

has criticized the attitude of the bullfighter



You cannot humiliate a woman who has been with you for more than twenty years.

In addition, you have two daughters in common. You cannot jump into the bullfighting relationship you have had. She

has endured your antlers, your brown and your bad times",

has said the singer, who has also disagreed with Ponce's continuous and public displays of affection for his partner.

"You have to be a gentleman

and you have to fix things at home," he said, wanting to emphasize how much the right-hander's actions have harmed the mother of his daughters.

"Fix the situation in your house, look

like a man and then go do whatever you want and paint little hearts in the ring", the presenter concluded with these words referring to Ponce's last romantic gesture towards his girlfriend in a recent bullfight of bulls.

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It is not the first time that Bertín has pronounced on the separation of Paloma Cuevas and Enrique Ponce.

He already made a reference in his program

My house is yours

, together with the

guest Lydia Lozano

, where he said that the break has caused him "a lot of sadness and sadness."

"I absolutely agree that one person falls in love with another

regardless of how old

he was, because it

is something that has happened to me

. I have


fond of

much younger girls

," he acknowledged.

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