North Korea restored villages damaged by heavy rains and typhoons and held a grand event for new houses.

It is a propaganda that the restoration work is paying off, but it seems to have some effect on public sentiment.

Ahn Jung-sik is a reporter specializing in North Korea.


Trucks with moving goods lined up with the Nong Band.

In front of the village, there was a dance board of residents dressed in hanbok.

Three days ago, Chairman Kim Jong-un visited the new houses in Gangbuk-ri, Geumcheon-gun, North Hwanghae Province, saying that it was the first recovery result from the typhoon damage.

[North Korean residents: Marshal Kim Jong-un, thank you very much for giving me a new house today.]

[North Korean residents: I will support the party with rice for the rest of my life.] A

new house usage card was delivered to the residents, and daily necessities were given to each house as a gift.

North Korea's unique thank-you greetings continue towards the portraits of Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il in the room.

[North Korean residents: Long live, dear Marshal Kim Jong-un!] The

Labor Newspaper devoted the entire front to reporting this news.

In addition to sanctions against North Korea, Corona 19, consecutive heavy rains and typhoons are experiencing triple high school.

Chairman Kim's quick inspection of the victims, dispatch of military units and Pyongyang party members to affected areas, and recovery results and propaganda seem to have succeeded to a certain extent in securing public sentiment.

[North Korean Residents: Build such a wonderful school for our future children.] As

Chairman Kim suggested the 75th anniversary of the foundation day per 10th of the following month as the deadline for restoration, a massive propaganda that emphasizes the results of restoration through self-reliance It seems that the work will continue for the time being.

(Video editing: Seungyeol Lee)