China News Service, September 17th. According to the ABC report, Leipzig, the fire chief of Kenosha, Wisconsin, said on the 15th that in August the city police shot and wounded an African-American man Black from behind, triggering anti-racism protests. , The riots that occurred during the period have caused more than 11 million US dollars in losses.

Data map: On August 25, local time, Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA, when an African-American man Blake was repeatedly shot by police to trigger demonstrations, a man raised a gun and shot.

  According to reports, citing Kenosha News, Leipzig told the police and fire protection committee: "In about one week (the loss we suffered), it is equivalent to three years of fire damage."

  Earlier, the police shooting of Black, a man of African descent, triggered large-scale demonstrations in Kenosha and spawned more violent incidents.

According to reports, about 24 arson incidents occurred in Kenosha, and many shops were damaged.

  On August 23, when the Kenosha police arrested Black, they fired several shots at his back at close range, paralyzing him.

On August 25, a 17-year-old white teenager in the neighboring state of Illinois took a gun to the demonstration site and shot at the demonstrators, killing two and injuring one.

The teenager has been arrested and charged.