The September barometer of the Sociological Research Center opens the gap between the PSOE and the PP and already places the advantage of Socialists over popular at 13.5 points, the maximum since the 10-N elections were held.

The poll lowers the PSOE's electoral forecasts by seven tenths compared to those of its last barometer carried out in July and now places them at a voting intention of 31.5%.

However, the distance with the PP, the second party in contention, widens since this political force, the CIS of José Féliz Tezanos only gives an electoral forecast of 18.1%, three points below the one that granted last July.

This survey, the first after the summer hiatus, comes just when the pandemic re-floats in what many consider to be a second wave and the control measures are in the hands of the autonomous governments.

It also coincides with a moment of expectation among the parliamentary forces in the face of the State Budget project that the Government should present imminently, but of which none of its extremes is yet known.

A vital project for the country, mired in a very serious economic crisis derived from the pandemic, and for the future of the Executive and the legislature.

A project whose processing could upset the network of alliances that until now has held the La Moncloa coalition in a fragile balance.

The data are released at the beginning of the political course marked by the head-on clash between the Government and the opposition and also by the internal frictions that repeatedly shake the Executive itself, one of whose partners, the minority, United We Can, does not hesitate to tighten the strings of the Council of Ministers in an attempt to gain presence and stop the bloodletting of electoral support that was clearly revealed by the past Galician and Basque elections.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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