China News Service, September 18th. According to Kyodo News, Japan’s national emergency telephone public opinion survey conducted by Kyodo News on the 16th and 17th showed that the support rate of the cabinet of Yoshihide Suga was 66.4%, and the answer that said it did not support 16.2 %.

Compared with the recent establishment of successive cabinets, the support rate is higher.

The picture shows Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga.

  Regarding the ideal period for dissolving the House of Representatives and holding a general election, 55.1% of the respondents answered “the end of the term of office or a period close to it”, the highest proportion.

  Regarding the issues of Moriyou, Kake Gakuen, and Cherry Blossom Viewing Club, 62.2% thought that “re-investigation should be done” and 31.7% thought that “re-investigation is unnecessary”.

  Due to the different survey methods, it is impossible to make simple comparisons. However, after 2000, the approval rating ranks only behind the cabinet of Junichiro Koizumi (86.3%) and the cabinet of Yukio Hatoyama (72.0%), and it is also higher than that inherited by Yoshihide Suga. The Shinzo Abe cabinet was 62.0% when it was established in 2012.

  Regarding Suga Yoshihide's advocacy of inheriting the line of former Prime Minister Abe, including Abenomics, 58.7% of the respondents said they "give it affirmation" and 32.4% said they "no affirmation".

Ask about the issues that Yoshihide Suga’s cabinet should give priority to (up to 2 items can be selected). The most "new coronavirus countermeasures" reached 64.1%, followed by "economics and employment" (35.2%), "pension, medical care, Nursing” (23.8%) and “Financial rectification” (18.4%).

"Provincial and government reform" is 4.5%.

  It is reported that Yoshihide Suga, the president of the Liberal Democratic Party, the ruling party in Japan, was elected as the 99th Prime Minister of Japan and established a cabinet on the 16th in the nominated election of Prime Minister of the Interim Congress.