The Aila storm that crossed Finland has caused many types of damage and extensive power outages.

  • A compilation of storm videos posted by readers at the beginning of the story.

The storm is slowly starting to weaken, Tuomo Bergman, a meteorologist on duty at the Finnish Meteorological Institute, told STT on Thursday evening.

The Aila storm has retreated to the east.

Elsewhere in Finland, the storm has already weakened.

In the morning hours, the storm is still blowing on the eastern border, but after that it starts to be over.

Electricity is still cut off from nearly 60,000 households.

During the day, rescue services have reported hundreds of storm-related rescue missions all over Finland.

The storm has also caused significant delays in train traffic, for example in southern Finland.

Readers of Ilta-Sanomat actively described the damage caused by storm Aila in different parts of the country.

See a compilation of readers' photos!

- At the Tampere waterfront tunnel, one of the glass plexiglass on the noise wall broke from its joints due to the force of the wind and hit the street.

After taking the picture, another glass plexiglass also flew to the street, says Jatta, the IS reader who sent the picture.

Fortunately, Pinja's car did not go into redemption in Tampere. Photo: Reader's photo

Kassu Kivimäki from Pori immortalized a tree felled by a huge storm. Photo: Reader's photo

The reader sent a picture of Taivassalo, in which Storm Aila caused the roof of the store to fly down. Picture: Picture of the reader

In Sipoo, a storm poured spruces on telephone wires. Image: Reader's image

The reader posted a picture of Uusikaupunki from a trampoline caught in the grip of a storm.

The recommendation was that the furniture in the yard be moved far away from the trees or firmly attached to the ground. Image: Reader's image

In Lahti, the trees in the backyard were picked up by the storm. Photo: Reader's photo

- The Aila storm decided for me that the greenhouse is over this year.

10 minutes after the picture was taken, the greenhouse continued its journey, rolling a barbecue canopy and a courtyard fence.

Fortunately, no trees have yet fallen, Jeanette reports. Image: Reader's image

Kimmo's construction site, which is building a house in Ahla, Pori, suffered a severe fate.

- According to the original plan, the roof chairs were to be lifted into place today.

When the storm warning came, we turned off the crane and ripped off the shit more.

It did not help.

Crying came in the morning, Kimmo communicates. Image: Reader's image

There were severe gusts in Meri-Pori, especially in the early afternoon. Photo: Reader's photo

Around the gas clock completed in Turku in 1912, trees struck in the grip of Aila storm. Image: Reader's image

Trees fell in Ape's yard to pay in Djupsund, but fortunately no worse happened.

- Ingen problem, Ape notes. Image: Reader image

In Nokia, several trees fell to block a forest road.

For example, such clearing missions kept rescue agencies busy all day.Image: Reader’s image

- The swimming ladders have been detached handsomely, although they have not been used, ie they can now be finally disposed of.

Fortunately, no damage occurred, the trees fell between the sauna terrace and the neighbor's house, reports IS reader Elli Rauma.

A rotting tree fell in Tokoinranta, Helsinki. Photo: Reader's photo.

In Vuosaari, Helsinki, a strong wind fell a tree on the road. Photo: Reader's photo