The life of Razzle, real name Nicholas Dingley, tragically ended in a crash only at the age of 24 in the car of Mötley Crüe’s beak man.

Razzle, who played drums in the ranks of Hanoi Rocks, had a huge ascent before the accident - he also lived a wild and intoxicating rock star’s life down to the last drawing.

Ari Väntänen's new book The Story of the Legend of Razzle - Hanoi Rocks (Like 2020) reveals that spending began to accelerate, especially in 1984, the last year of Razzle's life.

- It had the atmosphere of a third show, ie it felt that such a mood could not last very long.

London drug stuff started to go through harder rounds, entertainment use turned into something more serious.

Everyone partyed, Razzle's friend Matt Kellett says in Väntänen's book.

Razzle drifted into drugs, but eventually shoved himself off the heroin hook.Photo: Jimbo Gimson

Razzle himself also realized that meining had changed drastically with popularity.

- Razzle once told me that when they were poor, he could not afford to pull anything.

He said: "Now I am in a cloud, even before I get up out of bed in the morning and I pull the pants leg.

I have no chance anymore.

The gang gives me drugs everywhere, ”a rocker friend recalls.

However, the difficulties did not really start until heroin entered the picture.

According to relatives interviewed for the book, Razzle had not touched heroin before joining the Hanoi Rocks.

The band was his big dream, and nothing made him happier than playing in it.

Meanwhile, the life of a rock star took a man as he went.

- With Andy McCoy, quite a few drifted into those patterns.

At some point, Hanoi probably had half a dozen London hepodiilers on the guest list, Razzle’s former bandmate Pig says in the book.

According to the book, it is very likely that it was Hanoi Rocks guitarist Andy McCoy who originally introduced Razzle to heroin.

The novelty book says McCoy would even have given Razzle a rather exceptional birthday present.

- I later heard from a reliable source that Andy gave Razzle a heroin spike as a 23rd birthday present, a friend of Razzle says in the book.

Hanoi Rocks guitarist Andy McCoy and drummer Razzle in 1982. Photo: Juha Kärkkäinen

- One of our friends had gone to Razzle by then and noticed that Razzle had looked depressed.

He had asked what was in trouble, and Razzle had told of Andy’s birthday present.

It was Razzle’s first fix, and it may be that by then Razzle had started playing with heroin.

He was slightly hooked on it for a couple of months, a friend reveals.

Relatives worried about Razzle’s heroin use, and began to keep an eye on the man’s addiction.

Razzle’s then-engaged Chris Bowen tried to keep drug use under control.

- It became a habit for Razzle to burn heroin, but I got him to stop it.

I said it was either polle or me, and luckily he chose me.

I kept checking his eyes to see if he had pulled it, Bowen says in the book.

Hanoi Rocks singer Michael Monroe emphasizes in the book that Razzle, known as happy and kind-hearted, was not self-destructive, but just wanted to celebrate where the others were.

- It digged for fun and dancing, but it was always about life, not death.

That’s why Razzle didn’t sink as deep into heroin as some others.

Yes, it tested it, but wasn’t badly hooked.

Razzle’s fun was sometimes devastating, but he never intentionally hurt anyone and he cared about the fans.

The Razzle always walked down the bright side of the street and would probably have survived it all intact if the accident hadn’t happened, Monroe describes.

Hanoi Rocks got excited about fan letters in 1983. Pictured from left to right are Michael Mike Monroe, Nasty Suicide, Razzle, Andy McCoy and Sam Yaffa. Photo: Erkki Raskinen

Hanoi Rocks bassist Sam Yaffa also admits in the novelty book that the band had fun until heroin stepped into the charts.

According to Yaffa, it happened as early as 1983.

- We had a nice time until the hepo crept into the patterns.

It started back in 1983, but the following year it went to a new level.

At first, it was just normal, as many friends pulled pollen and got it more easily than grass.

We were really young, and when we were heard that we were immediately hooked on it, and then we didn’t get caught, we were pulled more.

Razzlek pulled too but soon realized the hepo was evil, Yaffa recalls in the book.

Despite partying, heroin, and the limelight, Razzle had begun to deepen his “normal” life deep down.

He opened his feelings to his former bandmate Pig on his last summer vacation trip on the River Thames.

- Razzle said being in Hanoi and with Andy for more than a few years would be enough to kill anyone.

He had started to crave a calmer lifestyle, Pig recalls.

The new book written by Ari Väntänen describes how Razzle became a world-renowned drummer. Photo: Handout

Razzle himself opened his senses in an interview with Sounds in June 1983.

- I'm just going to see what happens.

I want to see how much the human body tolerates.

If I survive this, I will settle into my fields, start a family and acquire a house, Razzle dreamed of.

Dreams never came true, as Razzle died in a crash in December 1984 at just 24 years old.