The US software and hardware company Microsoft says that it will establish an office in Tampere focusing on Surface hardware development.

Initially, 20-30 people will be hired to develop new technologies for the Surface product family.

According to the release, the Tampere product development team will focus on designing camera, imaging, electronics and wireless network solutions.

Microsoft hopes the development work will make future Surface products stand out from the crowd in terms of both hardware and software.

Liisa Peltonen has been appointed the corresponding director of the product development unit.

The center works closely with Microsoft’s Devices team in Redmond, USA.

- We want to create new opportunities for both Microsoft and the local area, and recruitments for the Tampere product development unit are currently underway.

Finland has always been a center of innovation, says Pavan Davuluri, Senior Product Development Engineer at Microsoft Surface, in a press release.

The Microsoft Surface collection has been relatively well received in the market.

The laptops that belong to it are not aimed at the mass market, but in their own price category they enjoy appreciation.

The latest addition to the Surface collection, a special combination of phone and computer, the Surface Duo, went on sale earlier in September.

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However, the device was questioned by its technology, which may already be partially obsolete when it appears.

Microsoft is also coming up with another dual-display device called Surface Neo, which is set to run a new version of Windows 10.

However, the device is behind schedule.

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Microsoft's investments in Finland have a somewhat bad echo.

The company’s adventures with Nokia and the mass layoffs that followed are still fresh in memory.

Huawei has also invested in research in Finland and hired ex-Nokia employees, among others.

The Chinese company has research centers in Helsinki and Tampere, and the company has assured that it will continue to invest in Europe despite US sanctions.