• Bocelli: I sincerely apologize for words on Covid


17 September 2020The soprano Anna Netrebko, true diva of opera, has been hospitalized positive for Coronavirus with pneumonia for five days.

She informed her fans herself with a post on social media.   

"I had two choices: continue to sit at home and be afraid of getting infected or start working, driving, running at risk of getting sick. I chose the second without ifs and buts and I don't regret anything. I'm in hospital for five days with pneumonia and I will soon recover "wrote the artist.

In July Netrebko performed at the Verona arena, in August at the Circus Maximus in Rome at the Salzburg festival and in September she played Elisabetta di Valois in Don Carlo at the Bolshoi, while she will be at La Scala in Milan for a recital in November.   

The soprano explained that she isolated herself as soon as she started not feeling well even though the tampons were negative.

"I got to the hospital on time and they help me. Everything will be fine! - she added - It's not as scary as they describe it."   

"My husband Yusif (tenor Yusif Eyvazov) has antibodies. He has somehow endured the disease and is absolutely safe for others," she assured, adding that her son Tyago is also fine.

In the end she did not spare a note of controversy: "I am much more tired of (...) linked to tests, quarantines, intimidation of sad people than by the virus. I'm happy that it's over for me now".