• PP.Pablo Casado: "If Iglesias justifies squatting, let him let some squatters live in the garden of his house"

  • Congress.Pablo Iglesias denies the problem of 'squatting' while Marlaska promises to expedite evictions

The Interior Ministry has launched a new police action protocol to try to speed up the eviction of squatters after the instruction given this week by the State Attorney General's Office.

The main novelty is that the period of 48 hours to proceed to evict the usurpers of the house by the agents is eliminated.

If the crime is flagrant or recent, the squatters may be fired, although the Interior does not establish any legal deadline for the police or guards to return the home to the rightful owner.

Sources from the Ministry of the Interior reiterate that the agents will be able to act when the crime is recent.

In addition, it is established that there is a crime of trespassing in both the first home and the second home squatting (houses on the beach or in the mountains) and in both cases it is possible to immediately evict the intruder without the need to request legal measures and proceed to identify the squatters and proceed to their arrest.

From now on, the national police, regional police, local police and civil guards must fill out a statement that includes all the elements that must be provided to the judicial authorities to prove the commission of a crime and the participation of its alleged perpetrators.

The protocol indicates that if the occupied property does not constitute a dwelling, it is a usurpation and that if the crime is not flagrant, the judge must be evicted.

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