• USA: Writer who accused Donald Trump of rape asks for DNA evidence

  • USA Donald Trump, on the woman who accused him of rape: "She is not my type"

The events took place when the well-known former model

Amy Dorris

was 24 years old and Donald Trump, 51. In an exclusive interview with the British newspaper 'The Guardian', Dorris accuses the president of the United States two decades later of sexual assault.

Dorris claims that during the 1997 US Open tennis tournament, the then businessman harassed her in the VIP bathroom: he stuck his tongue down her throat, touched her all over her body and cornered her.


He put his tongue down my throat as I pushed him.

Then he grabbed me tighter and ran his hands up my ass, my breasts, my back, everywhere," said Dorris, adding that he tried to reject Trump's tongue "Pushing her with my own teeth, I think I may have hurt her tongue."

The former model, who is now 48 years old, is the mother of two teenagers and resides in Florida, has provided 'The Guardian' with the tickets of that year to the sporting event and up to six images in which she appears with the businessman on those same dates , In New York.

For his part, Trump, who at the time was married to his second wife, Marla Maples, has denied the accusations through his lawyers.

Dorris recounts how it all happened.

Her boyfriend at the time, Jason Binn, took her from Florida - where she lived - to New York in September 1997 to spend a weekend and, among many other events, attend the US Open together.

Binn, the founder of several fashion magazines, was friends with Trump and even described him as "his best friend."

On September 5, the former model recounts, she and Binn went with Trump to the US Open and it was there that he sexually assaulted her.


came directly. He seemed like the typical person who thinks he has the right to do whatever he wants

, even if I was there with my boyfriend."


I felt violated,

" she says.

Dorris told what happened immediately afterwards to several friends and her mother who have now also corroborated the incident.

The former model assures in 'The Guardian' that she thought about making these facts public in 2016 when several women accused Donald Trump of sexual assaults, but finally backed down out of fear that her family would be harmed.

Now that her daughters are about to turn 13, she has made up her mind to tell the tale.

Dorris relates that when she came out of the bathroom and saw Trump, he began to harass her and touch her, to which she replied, "No, please, stop," despite which he continued to grope her.

She claims not to remember if she told her boyfriend everything that had happened but does say that she asked him to keep Trump away from her.

According to Trump's lawyers, Binn has no record of Dorris telling him anything.

Reporters for The Guardian have received no responses to her request to meet with Binn.

At least 27 women have accused Trump of abuses ranging from unwanted kissing to rape in a mall fitting room, reported last year by columnist E. Jean Carroll in a book.

Trump has categorically denied all those allegations, most of which arose during the 2016 election campaign but did not prevent his election as president, and during his tenure he has not hesitated

to defend several men accused of sex crimes

, including the judge he nominated for the Supreme, Brett Kavanaugh.

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