Top model Bella Hadid, 23, posted a rare photo on Instagram along with her pregnant sister Gigi on Tuesday.

Gigi Hadid, 25, is currently expecting her firstborn singer Zayn Malikin, 27, but has kept her pregnancy visibly hidden from the public and lived a quiet life in recent months.

Indeed, the image of Bella's sister is a rare peek into the gesture of the top model, as it reveals her gracefully rounded baby belly.

Bella has also raised her shirt in the picture and presents her own belly in a beautiful field in the summer evening scenery.

In the caption, he jokes that the picture shows “two buns in the oven”.

- June 11, 2020. Two buns in the oven except that mine is from a burger and Gigin Zayn.

I love you both so damn much.

I can’t stop crying, Bella writes emotionally.

Gigi has commented on the image published by his sister with broadly grinning emoticons as well as angelic emojis.

According to Elle magazine, Gigi Hadid has deliberately avoided publicity during her pregnancy.

He has published only a few pictures of his waiting period and has not revealed when the little one is due to be born.

According to Ellen, it is possible that the top model has in fact already given birth to the child in all silence.

Gigi Hadid said earlier on Instagram that she does not want to reveal her pregnancy any more because of the corona pandemic.

He revealed that he felt that people now have more important things to think about than his rounded stomach.

- I know that many are amazed, why can not share any more, but I'm pregnant at the time of a pandemic.

My pregnancy is not the most important thing in the world right now.

That’s why I felt like I only had to share it with my family and friends, Gigi explained his decision earlier on Instagram, according to Ellen.

- I've taken a lot of pictures of my stomach and sent them to my friends and my family.

It has been a sweet and really exciting, and I try to document it (pregnancy) well, because I've heard many people say that you should take care that it does not miss.

Gigi promised her fans that she will post the balance of her pregnancy on social media in the future, but for the time being she wants to focus on experiencing it together with her loved ones.

News of the addition of Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik, familiar from One Direction, was revealed in early May, although the couple themselves did not comment on the matter at the time.

Instead, Hadid’s mother, Yolanda Hadid, known from the Beverly Hills Perfect Women series, glowed that she was excited about her daughter’s pregnancy.

Yolanda Hadid also hinted that the child’s calculated time could be in September.

- I am glad that I will be in September grandmother, Yolanda Hadid told reporters at the end of April.

Gigi Hadid confirmed rumors of her pregnancy in Jimmy Fallon’s popular talk show.

She said the couple is extremely happy about the upcoming family addition.

- We are really excited and happy and thank everyone for their congratulations and support, Hadid said.

Hadid and Malik started dating in January 2016 and confirmed their relationship a month later.

Since then, the couple has divorced on several occasions, but always returned together.

Gigi Hadid and her sister Bella are known as the brightest stars in the model world at the moment.

The siblings have worked for numerous world-famous fashion brands and are international superstars.

The siblings have tens of millions of followers on Instagram and spend time with other megastars like Cara DeLevigne and Hayley Bieber.