As you can see, the southeastern part of the United States is heavily damaged by heavy rain and wind, and the western part of the continental United States is suffering from the worst wildfires ever.

Yesterday (16th), our reporter delivered the news of the damage near Los Angeles, and today we went up a little further north and covered the Portland, Oregon's largest city.

There are even words that say that the end of the city has come, with massive smoke and ashes from wildfires covering the whole city. Correspondent Kim Jong-won delivers detailed news from Portland.

<Reporter> As the

plane reaches its destination near Portland, you can see the scene of a forest fire that emits smoke.

From this time on, the land is barely visible, and only the huge pillars of smoke rising into the sky are visible.

[Correspondent Kim Jong-won: Now that the plane is getting closer to land to land in Portland, the smell of burnt inside the aircraft is getting very bad suddenly.] The

outside of the window is filled with orange smoke, making it uneasy whether it is possible to control the plane with the naked eye. .

As the plane lands safely, a clap is heard from the passenger seat.

In the western United States, Portland, Oregon, is one of the worst smoke damage areas.

Today, here in Portland, Oregon, the visibility is 1 mile, or 1.6 km.

As you can see now, you can hardly see the crossing of the river.

At first glance, it might seem that there is a thick fog, but since this is smoke from a forest fire, the smell of burning vibrates everywhere.

[Portland residents: We live all day in this smoke.

It can be called apocalypse.

This year, I am getting used to this situation.

The problem is that it could get worse next year.] The

problem is that this wildfire smoke is very harmful to the human body.

Portland citizens have complained that the number of people around them complaining of respiratory pain has increased over the past few days.

[Resident: You can feel it if you go out and walk around here every day.

It looks like there is a fire in the neck.

It's getting worse and worse.]

The wildfire smoke in the western United States traveled 8,000 km to reach Europe, but it's still spewing out and the damage is expected to increase.

(Video coverage: Lee Sang-wook, video editing: Jo Moo-hwan)