Yoshihide Suga to the 99th Prime Minister The reaction of the ruling and opposition parties was 18:48 on September 16th.

Liberal Democratic Party President Yoshihide Suga was elected as the 99th Prime Minister as a result of the Prime Minister's nomination election held at the plenary session of both Houses of Representatives.

It is a reaction of the ruling and opposition parties.

Liberal Democratic Party Secretary-General "I want to liven up the Prime Minister"

The Liberal Democratic Party's secretary general, Nikai, said in an NHK program, "We look forward to the success of Prime Minister Kan, and we also want to take responsibility for encouraging the new Prime Minister. The ministers are also very skilled and stable human resources. I would like to pray for success because I was asked to attach to each position. "

Regarding the timing of the dissolution of the House of Representatives and the general election, "Since it is the exclusive matter of the Prime Minister, there is no reason to say hope from us. The Prime Minister himself should look at the whole and make a decision when it is firm, and we We need to make efforts to create that environment. "

After attending the ruling party leader's meeting, Secretary-General Nikai told reporters, "I feel that Prime Minister Kan has pondered what kind of arrangements should be taken to proceed with the policy. But there's no such thing as a faction, as people say. It's a great start to the cabinet. "

In addition, the Liberal Democratic Party's secretary-general, Hiroshige Seko, told reporters in the Diet that he was most familiar with the policies that the Abe administration had been advancing and had a strong driving force, even though the policies could not be interrupted due to the corona. It is extremely significant that Prime Minister Suga was born. "

Regarding the personnel affairs of the ministers, "People who are familiar with each field, especially those who are engaged in practical work as a measure against corona, have gathered. There is a character of Prime Minister Kan who is a" worker ", and the House of Councilors side also supports the Kan administration. At the same time, I would like to humbly and politely proceed with the administration of the Diet. "

Representative Edano Ritsumin "It's the Abe Aryu Cabinet"

Edano, the representative of the Constitutional Democratic Party, told reporters, "I have to say" Abe A-ryu Cabinet. "Unfortunately, I am afraid that the negative part of 7 years and 8 months will be rather bloated. Given the current situation of the new corona virus and the economic situation that accompanies it, it is undeniable that expressing belief and asking questions about it are the top priorities. "

Regarding the next House of Representatives election, he said, "As long as there is an irresponsible response to escape from the controversy, the opposition party must prepare for it and will make maximum adjustments to the candidates." It was.

Secretary-general Fukuyama of the Constitutional Democratic Party said in an NHK program, "Since it is the succession of the Abe administration, there will be no major changes, and the people will be worried and dissatisfied, including the turmoil in measures against the new coronavirus and the harsh economy. I'm thinking. I would like you to summarize what the government has not worked so far and talk to the people. "

In addition, "As the term of office of members of the House of Representatives is about one year left, we will prepare for the election and present easy-to-understand ideas and policies as an axis of opposition to the Kan administration. First, create an environment where discussions can be held in the Diet. I want to ask for it. "

Komeito Yamaguchi representative "well-developed personnel"

After the party leader's meeting at the Prime Minister's Office, Komeito representative Yamaguchi told reporters, "Many people have been reappointed in terms of taking over the direction of the Abe administration, and have made clear the purpose of the succession. We have also assigned people who are proficient in new issues such as promotion of conversion, and it is a well-developed personnel who considers the whole. I would like to cooperate fully to meet the expectations of the people. "

Secretary-general of the Restoration Baba "It's a heavy-duty cabinet."

At a press conference, Secretary-General Baba of the Nippon Ishin no Kai said, "It's a" heavy and long cabinet. "There are many people who are experienced and can work immediately, so I think that the expectations of the people will increase. However, the three Abenomics Of the arrows, the development of the third growth field is in the middle of the road, and deregulation is necessary. We would like to continue to respond to the Kan Cabinet from the national perspective. " I did.

Communist Secretary General Koike "It's the Abe Cabinet without Prime Minister Abe."

At a press conference, the Communist Party's secretary general, Koike, said, "In a word, it's a no-surprise, old-fashioned face lined up," Abe Cabinet without Prime Minister Abe. " However, there are a lot of issues to be discussed, such as the ability to attack enemy bases. The extraordinary parliament will be held once more immediately, and a sufficient time will be sought as soon as possible. I want to confront the debate. "

Representative Tamaki, "Expecting an opportunity to have a thorough debate"

Tamaki, the representative of the Democratic Party for the People, told reporters, "The cabinet is often reappointed and re-entered, and the Abe Cabinet has a strong tendency to succeed. The immediate issue is to expand the inspection system and consume it as a countermeasure against the new corona virus. I would like to ask you to take bold economic policies to revitalize. On the other hand, I would like you not to take over the problems such as the management of official documents that were distorted by the long-term administration. Promptly hold a full-scale extraordinary parliament and thoroughly implement it. I look forward to the opportunity to argue. "

Social Democratic Party leader Fukushima "extremely inward-looking cabinet"

At a press conference, the leader of the Social Democratic Party, Fukushima, said, "The problem of'Abe's politics' is a growing cabinet. I don't think there is any recognition that deregulation will correct disparities and poverty. It is also an extremely inward-looking cabinet that takes this into consideration, and I would like to work together with the opposition parties to overthrow the government. "