Yoshihide Suga as the new prime minister A banner celebrating the election at the local Yokohama shopping street September 16th, 18:49

In the shopping district of Minami-ku, Yokohama, the hometown of Prime Minister Kan, who was elected to the 2nd district of the House of Representatives, a banner was hung to celebrate the election of the Prime Minister.

At the Yokohamabashi Shopping Street in Minami-ku, Yokohama, which is in the constituency of Prime Minister Kan, a banner stating "Congratulations on your appointment" was displayed at the entrance of the shopping street on the afternoon of the 16th.

After that, 500 boxes of red and white steamed buns prepared by the cooperative in the shopping district were distributed, and many people lined up.

In addition, at greengrocers and other places, products that were discounted to 99 yen appeared after being elected the 99th Prime Minister, and were gaining popularity.

Yoichi Tani (76), a senior at Prime Minister Kan's university who runs a soba restaurant, said, "I've known him since I became a member of the Diet. He's a person who thinks about things for the sake of others. He is a person I can respect. He has a strong core, so I hope he will overcome difficult situations. "

In addition, a 55-year-old man who visited the shopping district said, "I am happy to think that a locally selected person will be the prime minister. I want you to continue reforming."

A 21-year-old college student said, "I wasn't very interested in it at first, but when I heard that my hometown was Yokohama, I felt a sense of intimacy. It would be nice if I could improve my surroundings under the new administration. I think it is. "

Mayor of Yokohama "Expectations for regional revitalization"

Fumiko Hayashi, the mayor of Yokohama City, said that Mr. Suga was elected as the 99th Prime Minister, "I am truly pleased and impressed. Since the Yokohama City Council member also served for the second term, the basic municipality I understand the content of my work well, and I hope that you will make efforts in various aspects from the perspective of regional revitalization. "

Regarding the attraction of IR = integrated resort facilities including casinos that Yokohama City is promoting, Mayor Hayashi said, "Since I became Prime Minister Kan, I have nothing to do. I would like to wait for the announcement of the direction of the country." , Continued to wait for the formulation of the national basic policy, and expressed his intention to respond.