Unauthorized withdrawal of electronic payments Financial Services Agency announces details of damages Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Takaichi September 16 12:37

Regarding the problem of fraudulent withdrawals in the electronic payment service affiliated with Japan Post Bank, Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications Takaichi should have the Financial Services Agency, which has jurisdiction over the problem, interview each bank and promptly announce the details of the damage. I showed the idea that.

On the 15th, Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications Takaichi revealed that Japan Post Bank has confirmed damage to illegal withdrawals of deposits and savings with five electronic payment services other than "docomo account", but Japan Post Bank side "investigation" The details of the damage are not disclosed as "medium".

At a press conference on the 16th, Minister Takaichi said, "The user has a sense of crisis and wants to go to the account bookkeeping, and the bank side also wants to work responsibly. I dared to say that. "

On top of that, "I also had the specific name of the electronic payment service whose damage was confirmed, but I refrained from announcing it because it would cause a great deal of trouble if I made a mistake. The Financial Services Agency in charge of the problem interviewed each bank as well. It's a good idea to do and publish. "

Based on his retirement on the 16th, he said, "If any organization discovers a scandal, you should immediately apologize and announce it. If you do not announce it as far as you can understand the risk, the damage will spread. I hope that his successor, Minister Takeda, will respond firmly with a strong sense of justice. "