China News Service, September 16 According to Reuters, a train collided with a school bus at a railroad crossing in Bonnesop, northern New Zealand on the 16th local time, killing a school bus driver and injuring about 40 others. , Including dozens of children.

  According to reports, the police said in a statement that none of the children were seriously injured, but six people were sent to hospital for minor injuries.

Four ambulances and an emergency team were urgently dispatched to the scene. 

  The statement said that the total number of children on the school bus is being determined.

Local media reported that about 30 to 40 children were involved in the accident and received treatment.

The local Fielding High School said there were 25 students from the school in the car.

  Local media reported that several children were wrapped in blankets and received treatment locally in Bonnythorpe.

Bonn Thorpe is located near Palmerston North, the main city in the region.

  According to reports, signal lights and alarm bells were installed at the intersection where the incident occurred.

However, local officials said that this railway crossing is still a dangerous place.