In the budget debate, the government completed its own active model second.

The active job search model for the unemployed in Prime Minister Sanna Marin's (sd) government is a diluted version of Juha Sipilä's (central) government's active models.

The Marin government's active model in the second is that the unemployed must apply for 0–4 jobs a month, depending on the labor market situation in the region and the unemployed's ability to work.

- I consider it important that an unemployed jobseeker can always fulfill the obligations imposed on him.

A jobseeker will not lose his or her unemployment security if he or she does not succeed in finding a job, Minister of Labor Tuula Haatainen (sd) said in a ministry press release.

- There are also many ways to apply for job opportunities.

It can consist of making job applications, contacting employers directly or, for example, participating in recruitment events.

Unemployment insurance will continue to be paid, but the focus of the obligation will change, Haatainen continued.

Minister of Labor Tuula Haatainen told the details of the active model second in a press release from the Ministry of Employment and the Economy.

At the Board of Directors' press conference, the model was told only that the resources of TE offices will be increased by EUR 70 million to the active job search model, and that the model will bring tens of thousands of additional employees. Photo: Seppo Kärki

In Sipilä's board, the non-realized active model of the second job search failure would have been followed by a 30-day and then a 60-day quarantine after the remark.

In the Marin government’s active model in the second, sanctions are much less severe.

The first offense results in a remark, the second offense for unemployment benefit would be 5 days and the third offense 10 days.

- Failure by a jobseeker to re-fulfill the obligations of the employment plan will result in the loss of a 5-day benefit and, in the event of a recurrence, a 10-day withdrawal period.

After the remark and two qualifying periods, failure to apply for a job will result in an obligation to be employed, the press release said.

The government intends to significantly increase the services of the unemployed in TE centers.

The government is talking about an individual employment plan.

The jobseeker in the active model second must visit the TE office in the initial phase every two weeks.

- After this, the one-month intensive service period always follows after 6 months of unemployment, the press release stated.

The Board will increase funding for TE offices by EUR 70 million.

- We want registration to be a jobseeker to be smoother in the future and to meet more often.

We are investing significantly in services, our goal is to add 1,200 new officials to TE offices so that individual job search support is possible, said Minister of Labor Haatainen.

The government's goal is to have an active model in its second employment package with 9,500 additional employees.

The model is scheduled to enter into force in early 2022.