The world of technology tested both studded and friction tires.

According to the magazine, the properties of the best friction tires are already close to the best of studded tires.

Even pins are not always a guarantee of a short braking distance and good maneuverability.

One studded ring bore badly in the test.

Thus, TM estimates that "the Sunny Winter Grip SN3860 is by no means worth getting, no matter how cheap."

It is estimated that the cheapest tire in the test, Sunny, is unhappy on the ice, and an indication that the studs are of no help if the tire doesn’t work otherwise.

The studded tires Continental IceContact 3 and Michelin X-Ice Nort 4 topped the test with 8.9 points. The best friction tire Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3 got 8.3 points.