In Finland, there is a huge supply of various candies and chocolates on the shelves of grocery stores.

New products also enter the market at regular intervals.

We last reported in August about what’s new this fall.

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The candy and chocolate offer will also be new for the rest of the year and the Christmas season.

Fazer announced its own new products on Wednesday.

New sweets will also come from Panda and Cloetta.

We put together product launches for the rest of the year.

Traditional flavors in new forms

New and traditional, Fazer talks about Christmas season products.

For example, traditional flavors such as Green Balls and Rowan have taken on new shapes as chocolate candies and chocolate bars.

The Green Balls bar may be one eye-catching novelty.

What's new at the end of Fazer's year:

Rowan-chocolate candies (320 g)

Fazer states in its press release that Pihlaja, known as the fox candy, has been in production since 1895, and it has been Fazer's product for the longest time.

In the confections coming this Christmas season, the traditional marmalade will be coated with dark chocolate.

Photo: Fazer

Green Balls Bar (18 g)

The new bar has a Green Ball-flavored marmalade filling and dark chocolate icing.

Photo: Fazer

Geisha Cappuccino as a candy (270 g)

Geisha chocolates are traditional Christmas treats for many.

The new taste of the Christmas season is cappuccino.

Remix X-mas Choco 400 g

The Christmas season candy bag features novelty flavors of pear, cherry-cheesecake, orange-ginger and apple-cinnamon.

Photo: Fazer

In addition, Fazer's new products include Jaffa Apple & Cinnamon biscuits and Fazermint's Christmas season gift package.

What's new in Cloetta

Winter blueberry-chocolate confection (270 g)

Winter chocolates are popular Christmas chocolates.

This Christmas, a blueberry flavor is available with real blueberry as described by the confectionery.

Photo: Cloetta

Alphabet Gift Boxes (400 g)

The alphabet in the rough is new in new types of 400 gram gift boxes.

Cloetta says the new products are Alphabet Salmiakki Mix and Alphabet Circus.

Photo: Cloetta

The Jelly Bean Factory Festive Mix 225 g

Cloeta's new products include gluten-free and gelatin-free candies.

Representative of these, The Jelly bean factory Festive Mix Xmas bags flavor coconut, watermelon, apple, vanilla, lemon-lime, raspberry, cranberry apple and strawberry.

Photo: Cloetta

There is no more palm oil in the party table chocolates

Panda also talks about its own new products.

There will be a small change in the popular chocolate chocolates this coming Christmas, which we told about in June: Palm oil will be removed from the table table chocolates.

The company said in June that its goal is to be completely palm oil-free by early 2021.

One novelty suitable for adult tastes is GIN liqueur chocolates.

The same series has previously been marketed with a multi-flavor Panda Liqueur confectionery case and lacquer liqueurs.

Panda's new products for the rest of the year:

  • Radius Mint dark chocolate candies (280 g)

  • Red Polka (145 g)

Photo: Orkla

  • Säde Salty Roasted Corn Milk Chocolate Candies (280 g)

  • GIN liqueur candies (290 g)

Photo: Orkla

  • Choco & Licorice Orange (220 g)

  • Party granules (210 g)

Photo: Orkla

  • Vaajakoski Artisa chocolates (116 g)

  • Vaajakoski Primus chocolates (375 g)

Photo: Orkla